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Irrational UNC preview

It’s time for this week’s irrational preview of North Carolina. The Tarheels come in with a 6-2 overall record and are 2-2 in the ACC. They are bit one piece of the mess that is the battle for the Coastal Division.

Where: Keenan Stadium, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Noon (don’t get us started)
TV: Raycom (Again, don’t get us started)
Is the Legacy crew going? Hellz yes!

On to the what-ifs!

Carolina wins if: They are prepared and disciplined. They had to have seen how bad FSU looked against our offense when Nesbitt was in the game. Defensively, they allow 113 rushing yards per game. Obviously that number will go up because all we do is run the ball (until they fall asleep and then we beat them through the air!). How will Tech’s offensive line hold up with out Andrew Gardner? That is a wild card that can only be answered on Saturday. The ‘Heels offense seems lackluster when looking at statistics. For them to win, they must beat our weaknesses, most notably our beat-up secondary. Can the backups continue to play at a high level?

Tech wins if: As stated above, our secondary must play at a high level. Carolina is going to throw the football. Step up! Nesbitt is an "X" factor. How healthy is his ankle? Can he still run? If the answer is yes, then we’ll own the ground and no one can stop us (save an already struggling O-Line without their anchor. Eventually Scott Blair will not be able to run down a kick returner. Let it not be this week.

Sidenotes: Got some interesting tidbits from one Heather Dinich this morning:
  • In all 6 of UNC’s wins, they were playing from behind at one point. Their 2 losses were when they were winning.
  • UNC is the team leader in interceptions, too bad we don’t throw much!
  • This game will be my 8th of a possible 12 ACC stadiums. Projections currently have me at attending 10 of 12 stadiums before I get out.

Irrational Score Prediction: Georgia Tech 24 North Carolina 12

What is your "X" factor for tomorrow? What's your score prediction? Comment below!