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GT Ballin' Names

Randomly thought of this today at work - the top 10 coolest names in GT football.

10. Jaybo Shaw - Gotta admit that having a name that sounds like a fighting style is pretty badass.
9. Damarius Bilbo - Fan favorite as well as a sweet last name. Maybe Bilbo should've been given a fair shake at QB.
8. Clint Castleberry - If you're gonna make a Heisman run, you've gotta have a unique name. Clint's name not only was unique, it was an illiteration.
7. Tashard Choice - "The choice is Choice for Heisman '07." Seriously, this guy tore it up in '06 and '07.
6. Prince Ahadzie "PJ" Daniels - From PJ, we created the term "To Tulsa someone" or simply beat mercilessly. PJ was named by his father from Ghana.
5. Renso "Rock" Perdoni - An All American DT during the 70's, Rock's name allows this list to come full circle.
4. Douglas "Froggie" Morrison - Most bloggers will not know this name but will know of his feat. Froggie led Tech to a 222-0 blasting of Cumberland in 1916. Froggie started at UT-Chattanooga, transferred to Texas A&M, and finished at Tech.
3. The Rhinos - Kelly and Randy both had great careers at Tech and are still big time fan favorites. The name Rhino was definitely fitting for Tech's All American safety (Randy) and his punt returning son (Kelly).
2. I-Perfection Harris - How can you top that? Maybe with his brother's name of I-Finesse? Harris ended up at Kent State but that first name is pretty epic.
1. Ajenavi "Ace" Eziemefe - Pronounced ah-juh-NAH-vee eh-ZEM-eh-fee. It really rolls off the tongue. He was a diesel at RB and finished his career as a wingback on field goals.

What are your favorite "Ballin' Names" ?