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Georgie Irrational Game Preview

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Secondly, there will be no Georgie Guest Blogger because I say so. Thirdly, Go Virginia! Beat Virginia Tech!

What: Georgia Tech @ Georgia
Where: The Cesspool
When: High Noon
TV: National telecast on CBS
Will The Legacy Crew be there? Kind of. I had to do the family thing and go to Cleveland, Ohio. But I'll be there in spirit trying to keep from cursing at the tv in front of my family.

Tech is really playing with house money right now. No one expected us to be remotely close to where we are. The bowl game streak remains intact, now we must keep Bobby Dodd's win streak again the in-state rival alive. No one has beaten the rival 8 years in a row except for that man. What would be the Mutts best win of the season up to this point? LSU? South Carolina? Geez, that sucks.
On to the what-if's!

Georgie wins if: They play like the expectations originally set. Seriously, this team is one of the biggest disappointments of the entire college football season. They gave up 90 points to Alabama and Florida combined. Some serious national title contender. Their defense has to remain disciplined and follow their assigned men, NOT the ball. Can they step it up? They should have taken notice of what happens when you follow the ball (see FSU and Miami who both had top 10 defenses against "stereotypical offenses"). Matt Stafford must be what the media hypes to be typical Matt Stafford. They also cannot play like they need against absymal Auburn. (duh)

Tech wins if: We play lights out. We absolutely need a healthy Josh Nesbitt and a competent offensive line. How will our defensive line match up to their offensive line? Our secondary will be tested and they must show their strength because the mutts have shown they can score when their backs are against the wall. Georgia's defense is weak and they give up points (see 3 straight weeks of giving up 38 points)All the pressure is on Georgie. We have the capabilities and the potential to come out there and take complete control of the game. How many plays does CPJ have up his sleeve specifically for this one game?

Irrational Score Prediction: Bobby Dodd's streak stays alive! Georgia Tech 24 Mutts 17

Sidenotes: I leave you with a song that I hope many of you know very well:

(To the tune of Georgie's "Fight Song" AKA The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Don't send my son to MIT,
the dying mother said.
Don't send my son to Emory,
I'd rather see him dead.
But send my son to Georgia Tech,
'tis better than Cornell!
But as for the University [sic] of Georgia,
I'd rather see him in Hell!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!