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A Georgia Tech/ Miami Conversation with Gobbler Country

Yesterday during Miami's whoopin', Furrer4heisman, from Gobbler Country and I traded text messages. The conversation was so ridiculous, I had to share it:

2:35 PM EST

Me: Out of work for the day. Thirty minutes from whiskey
Gobbler: Ha ha. I’m still a few hours away. Give it hell.

7:04 PM

Gobbler: Getting’ dranked

7:18 PM EST

Me: Helll Yeah!

7:33 PM EST --(Team just runs out of tunnel)

Gobbler: Fuckin’ love yalls secondary fight song
Me: Up with the white and gold?
Gobbler: Fuck yes

7:57 PM--(I believe this was J. Dwyer's 25 yard 1st down conversion)

Me: suck on that!
Gobbler: You can’t fucking arm tackle j dwyer son! Woo! Drunk!

8:02 PM

Gobbler: Gee running plays that use their speed against them. What a concept. Fuck you Stinespring.

8:07 PM--(It took me forever to figure out where this came from. Then I realized that Mark Texeira and Jason Varitek were at the game and had been shown on tv)

Gobbler: Fuck Mark Texeira. Fuck you fucking prick. Worse piece of shit ever.

Sidenote: T.I. and supposedly Ludacris were also in attendance. Downtown Atlanta, Nighttime, Celebrities all over the field with 112 recruits watching us dominate...can you ask for a better game?

8:11 PM--(Roddy Jones runs his first long run of the night)

Me: Nation, meet Roddy Jones

8:18 PM --(Don't remember honestly)

Gobbler: You need a QB with two good legs if the O-line is going to suck like that.

8: 22 PM --(Pick 6 Michael Johnson!)

Me: Meet Michael Johnson
Gobbler: Michael Johnson is my main mother fucker!!!

8:47 PM --(Instant Replay confirms the call on the field, it is a catch)

Gobbler: What? You guys just got fucked.

8:54 PM

Gobbler: J dwyer all up in this bitch
Me: Word

9:29 PM--(This was sent after it took me 2 hours to put two-and-two together when Dane told me "Nikke Meyer is behind us". She was using her volleyball recruiting visit.)

Me: Nikki Meyer is here fyi. As in Urban’s daughter. Right behind me.
Gobbler: Niiiice. I’ve seen those photos. Is she 18 yet?
Me: Not yet I don’t think.
Gobbler: Even better

10:08 PM--(The Blowout continues..)

Gobbler: Snoopy Dance!
Me: I don’t think anyone expected this

10:09 PM--(Lucas Cox rumbles for a big gain)

Gobbler: White running backs are the wave of the future!
Gobbler: I’m having so much fn and I’m in my living room.

10:20 PM--(End of the 3rd quarter)

Gobbler: when you say BUDWEISER…you’ve said it all!

10: 58 PM --(Jackets win!)

Me: You’re welcome

11:03 PM

Gobbler: Wooo fuckin hooooo! Thanks Jackets!

12: 18 AM --(And back to Nikki Meyer)

Gobbler: If you know what’s good for you, you got photos of urban’s daughter to post tomorrow
Me: Damn it!
Gobbler: You…Dumb…Fuck

Note: Rumor has it that Nikki leaves Saturday night. Volleyball has senior night that evening. To those who care, I'll see what I can do.