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Ok, so I have been busy/recovering from the ridiculous weekend in North Carolina two weekends ago, so I have kind of been slacking on the posts. However, waking up at 4:30 in the morning in order to deck out in white for the local morning news is more than enough motivation to get back in the writing groove.

First off, to anyone not wearing white tonight - screw you, you officially lose status as fans, at least for the night. Special exceptions go to old people who never use the internet and cannot read the jumbotron at other games. However, there is no excuse for anyone else.

Secondly, I will come out and say I don't feel good about this game. Don't hold it against me, I am just really worried that we may not get any footing on offense, and we may have our defense out on the field too long. We cannot afford to give them the ball within 40 yards 3 times (a la UNC), or even punt the ball that much. Miami's tackles looked pretty capable last Thursday against VT, and with linebackers like Darryl Sharpton staring us down, I get nervous. When you consider we are eighth in the conference in converting 3rd downs, and Miami has held their last three opponents to 21.1% of third down conversions, I get really, really nervous. Did I mention that there's a pretty good chance that Nesbitt won't play tonight? That's enough of being a negative Nancy, though.

The good news- we absolutely CAN win this game. Miami may be 12-1 on Thursday nights, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean as much to them as our 3 game streak against the 'Canes do to us. Throw in the national spotlight, the picturesque Atlanta setting for a cold NIGHTTIME game, and the effect the White-Out will have on the momentum of the game - it's easy to see the perfect gametime atmosphere that is fast approaching.

Screw it, I have no predicitons. That's a lie, I have one - today is going to be a great day to be a Yellow Jacket. Screw the U, fear the I, and to Hell with georgia!