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Frustration and Disappointment

Frustration comes to mind when thinking of this game. It was a bad, bad, bad game. Slapped us across the face quickly and didn’t let up. We’re beat up. I won’t say this off week could come at a better time because it couldn’t. We could have used it earlier. Deflated. That’s a fan’s mentality right now. Expectations, rightfully or not, are always going to be high and the confidence will be there. Give us two days and we’ll be back on top again.

Bowl Situation: Goodbye ACC Championship. That is but a distant memory. However, there is still plenty of room to improve our bowl situation. Remember, this year an East Coast Bowl Game should be the mark of a successful season. Beat Miami and we should be fine. We must sell ourselves to the bowl committees. Tech has a reputation that we don’t travel well. Whatever excuse (strikethrough) reason we can come up with, the perception is still there so the team and the fans need to prove themselves. So here’s the question for the day: Realistically, how do you see the season panning out and where do you think we’ll go bowling?

It’s an off week. Let’s get healthy!