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Ethical dilemma

This week we are presented with an ethical dilemma that does not involve women, drinking, or escaping the law. The question is simply do we play/risk Josh Nesbitt against the Canes or do we rest him for ugag? Jaybo is clearly a competent backup in that he knows the system but he simply isn't a game breaker like Nesbitt.

In my opinion, Tech handles Miami with a healthy Nesbitt. Hell, Tech has a good shot against ugag with a 100% Nesbitt.

So do we rest him and risk our 1/500 shot at the ACCCG or do we play him, possibly beat Miami, but have a severely weakened offense against the dogs?

According to the AJC, Jahi will most likely be back as will Vance. Both players lining up against the Canes will be huge.