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Escapin' Macon

Tech won in an OT thriller against the Mercer Bears and we (Winfield/Dane/myself) were there to observe one of the most frustrating regulation periods since the Zam Experience. I've seen a few OT's against Wake, ugag, etc. but this one was the weirdest. GT never led in regulation. In fact, at 12:01 to go in the second half, Tech trailed by 18.

A GT fan next to me said, "They just want to go back to ATL." I didn't necessarily believe in this Negative Nancy's comment but I figured we'd need a Hell of a turnaround to pull it out of our ass. Then, Hotel Hewitt ceased. The signature full court press was unleashed. GT crawled back into it. 33 seconds left and Zach Peacock ties us up with two free throws.

OT was over before it started. The once loud crowd of 3,300 orange and black was deflated. The Bears were flat and GT finished the game with a 42-18 run capped by 11 points in OT to the Bears 5.

Final analysis: I think we're gonna be leaning more on Iman and our front court then I had previously thought. We were out hustled by the Mercer guards and lucky Mercer's got no depth. However, a win's a win. I think Paul learned a lot about our team on Saturday and I see us only improving our early game scoring here on out.