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Dear Virginia, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina

You're welcome. We have now done a big thing for you. Please return the favor by promptly losing this weekend.

Thank you.

Memorable Darryl Richard (AKA The Ambassador) quotes from last night (From HD's latest article):

On the ACC being a crazy conference:

"Who knows, in this conference, I'm telling you, the way they play hot potato
with the trophy, don't be surprised if somebody gives it up on Saturday and we
get to sit there and watch them do it," Richard said, grinning after his team's 41-23 throttling of Miami. "It's great to just sit back and
watch. That's what we're going to do, sit back and watch."

On what needs to happen for Tech to win the Coastal:

"We need NC State to handle North Carolina, if Clemson wants to play in a
bowl game this year they're going to take care of Virginia, and hopefully
Virginia gets something done in Blacksburg," he said without taking a breath,
knowing there are currently five teams in the Coastal Division with three

On Pre-season expectations:

"Everybody pretty much laughed at us when we were killing ourselves in the
offseason," Richard said. "Look at me now. Who has the last laugh?"

On CPJ being Coach of the Year:

"How many people thought he was going to get it done?" Richard asked. "I
mean, not only are we bowl eligible, but now we really have a chance to play in
the championship game by a guy who came in and changed the offense from a pro
style to an option-based spread. Let's be honest, if you can show me a better
candidate, I would like to hear it, and I would definitely refute a lot of the
facts people might put up, but he's done a hell of a job here."

Pat Nix sucks!

ACC Roundtable #4 has been posted.

More to come later today.