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UVA and Season Thoughts

An alumni friend told me something two years ago after a loss similar to Saturday. He said: "Winfield, I told my boys that if they want to be Tech fans they should just
expect their hearts to be broken at least once or twice a season."

Now, this may be a little dramatic, but the past 7 years has seen plenty of Tech fans (ourselves included) give their hopes up only to see their dreams crushed. The opportunity to take control of the ACC Coastal division was there for the taking on Saturday but it just didn't happen. As frustrating as it was, and still is, we must remain positive.
For the rest of the year we are playing with house money. No one expected us to be where we are today. We are gaining respect and our players are gaining experience. Remember, we are the youngest team in the ACC.

Many of you know that I tend to be too optimistic for my own good and maybe I am still doing that, but we have to take this season for what it's worth.

It's no consolation, but look at these ACC facts:

-Two teams are bowl eligible (UNC and Maryland).

-Six teams are one win away from bowl eligibility (Miami,
VT, FSU, GT, UVa, BC).Every team in the Coastal Division has a winning record, and there are a few circumstances under which they can ALL go bowling.