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On this day....

On this day in 1916, the most lopsided victory in football history happened.

It was a lesson to be learned by Cumberland and by everyone during that time: DO NOT MESS WITH JOHN HEISMAN! The reason for the blowout was because Cumberland had demolished Georgia Tech in baseball 22-0 the year before and Heisman also believed that Cumberland had used professionals. He wanted his revenge.

Another interesting note is that Tech never attempted a single pass the entire game. After the game was over the team amassed 978 rushing yards, 220 yards on kick returns and 220 yards on punt returns. The story goes that Heisman divided his team into separate squads and offered a steak dinner to whatever squad scored the most points. By the end, every player on the team ate steak that night.

So today, let's all have a drink to domination at its finest.