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Monday In-Class Update 10/27/08


I've been out of commission for two weeks due to school, homecoming, and, ironically, football.

And now I get to talk about why we got dicked in the mouth on Saturday - it mainly sucks because we beat ourselves. Now, UVA played better than they have the entire season so far (from what I've seen at least). However, due to a combination of the classic Tech susceptibility to screens and other assorted out routes, a ridiculous number of uncalled holding penalties, and our... impotent o-line, we got worked in front of our Homecoming crowd.

Hey, Coach Johnson, everyone knows we need fans in the stands. No, there is no reason to not have a packed house for Homecoming. And yes, our team deserves better fans. However, you should probably save those kind of statements for weeks when you know your offensive line isn't going to lay an egg on Grant Field, or when we have a QB that has figured out how not to fumble in the opponent's red zone. I'll be there every week come Hell or high water (well, unless there is a wedding), but that was the most deflating scenario I can imagine save getting blown out 51-7 or some other terrible number.

For defense, as of right now, we lose to Georgia if they simply run the screen (seeing as they do it as well or better than anyone else in the nation) against us every play. Our line had almost no effective pass rush to speak of, and our linebackers looked utterly confused at any cross route, TE out route, or bubble screen that came their way. Not to mention that everyone apparently forgot how to tackle on the trip back from Clemson. John Bird was right, "what a debacle."

And that is all I have for negativity.

Good news - Morgan Burnett is the shit. He leads the nation in interceptions, and has more than our entire team did last year. He is quickly replacing any bad connotations we have with the number 1.

Splitting the season into thirds, we have gone 3-1 and 3-1. Despite the unsettling things I've seen against VT, Gardner-Webb, and UVA, I wholeheartedly believe we can pull off 3-1 again for the final 4 games. I have begun talking some mad crazy shit a certain UGA fan, keeping it concentrated to a single soul for now. On the season, I've lost years due to stressful games, my head is still spinning from this past weekend, but goddamn, I'm still high as a kite on our team. Which brings me to my final point...

Go Jackets, To Hell with georgia!