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Monday In-Class Update 10/13/08

Ok, I'm not really in class. In fact, I'm on 'vacation' back in wonderful Warner Robins, Georgia. However, I did get to watch some football this weekend, and it was fantastic.

EXCEPT FOR OUR GAME. What the fuck was that shit? We played offense like old people fuck. It is more than clear that we will be recruiting at least two quarterbacks every year, because we are going to need at least four people on the level of Shaw (or hopefully, as athletic as Nesbitt) to safeguard ourselves from eating shit after two injuries.

However, I will say that I don't hold it against any of our players (well, except maybe our O-Line, they really have to start playing like they want to win a championship). We came out and won the game, so screw it, I will say nothing more about it.

Dane's Top Five, in order. Alabama, Texas, Penn State, Florida, USC. Quite simply, the Tier 0 of college football.

Thank you Florida, for showing why I love you. I never lost faith. Everyone else did, UF, but I knew you would be back. The Gators played an excellent game against LSU this weekend, and I think they might have shown why they don't need Tebow to, you know, carry the entire team, and actually look like they might have the best overall offense in the nation. It will be nice to see Tebow not have his ass kicked all year leading up to the game against the georgia Bulldogs, where he will lead the team to a 24 point margin victory.

Mizzwho? No, just kidding. The Tigers' passing game is still absolutely outstanding, and if they can manage to get to the Big 12 Championship, are not out of the picture. While it was a big win for the Cowboys, it will be interesting to see if Oklahoma State will stick around. If they do, honestly, the Big 12 will no doubt be the best conference in the nation for the next few seasons.

I am so pissed that I didn't get to see the whole Red River Shootout. So, I don't have much to write about it. However, between the first quarter that I did see, and the extra 30 minutes of highlights I watched, I think that may be the best football played this season.

Bowden is out, and the dregs are following. In the same fashion as one big violent bowel movement, Clemson's future looks alot less poopy. A program that should be fielding a top ten team every year may actually start doing that. Anyone who says that Clemson couldn't be competing in the SEC is already wrong, but hopefuly soon enough, the Tigers will be a dominant team in football, one that loses to Georgia Tech every year.