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Monday In-Class Update 10/06/08

The polls suck. Really, I don't get too mad about what happens outside of the top 15, however, seeing teams like Northwestern, Auburn, Ball State, and Pittsburg in front of us really makes me hate the pollsters. Good news though - Mr. Herbstreit up at ESPN has us pegged at #19th, and the highest we were voted was 17th. That's more like it.

When we are rolling, we are amazing. Paul Johnson has rebuilt and fine-tuned the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets quicker than anyone could have imagined, and now I feel fantastic about saying we would be bowl eligible by Halloween. Yes, I'm going to look past Gardner-Webb - we can beat Clemson, as they will have the weakest lines we have faced from the ACC.

Auburn is trying as hard as they can to prove me right. While they spent an incredible amount of effort trying to lose to UT two weekends ago, this past weekend they finally made due. At this point, 7 wins is looking accurate than 8.

Maryland... really? You do realize you were playing UVA, who is quite possibly the worst team in BCS football? It doesn't bother me so bad that you lost to them, but why did you have to go and spoil the ACC by beating Clemson? We really, really could have used a ranked team on our schedule sometime in the near future, but no, you just have to act like a bunch of assholes and screw everything up?

JoePa is eternal! The Nittany Lions defeated a team that always likes to give them trouble by the smallest margin of their season yet - two touchdowns. Penn State's last 6 make up one of the hardest remaining schedules in the nation, and with a late season loss being a MNC hope destroyer, the Lions need to play perfectly over the next 2 months.

If anyone wants to give me airfare and tickets to the Big 12 Championship, Winfield will give you a hot oil massage. I'd really, really like to be there, just because I think I've gotten to see all of 45 minutes of Big 12 play this season, with a good portion of that coming from Nebraska/VT. The Southeast don't take too kindly to that cowpoke football on the tellervision, I tell ya'll.

More on things later.