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The Legacyx4 has officially moved to!

While WordPress was a great host to get us off the ground, we have decided to move over to Blogger, as we feel like it better suits our tastes as far as posting and editing goes. We hate to leave behind any readers/anyone who has ever linked to us, so please, please don't forget to bookmark us or change your links!

We may continue to update the WordPress site for a week or two just to help the transition, but for now you can find The Legacyx4 crew at

We appreciate all of our readership, and the increase in readers has been the main motivation in the changes and upgrades to our blog. We hope you join us for the rest of the football season, and keep reading up on our take on Georgia Tech's place in the college athletics world.

P.S. Also, this blog may be under minor construction for a few days. Let us know what you think, even if you think we suck, which we know you won't because quite frankly we are fantastic. Thanks.