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Irrational Preview: Florida State

If you know me well enough you should know how much irrationality irritates me (alliteration!). Well, raise your drink to irrationality because here's the preview. Growing up, I looked forward to this game like crazy. I began to despise Florida State. Bring on the hate. Sorry for the shortness of it but it's been a long week for me. Here's some random ravings.

Last time we played Florida State was in 2003. The biggest fear of every Tech fan since that day was that Florida State would be good. That fear has become reality.

Georgia Tech Wins If: Our O-Line figures things out. Swiss Cheese is not a happy metaphor when you speak of an offensive line and I'm tired of using it! If we held onto the ball against UVA, we would have won. So let's hold on to the ball. Basically my argument for this game is this: We have yet to lose a game where we were totally manhandled. If we can control the tempo, we can control the game. The ability and potential is there but can we do it?

Florida State Wins If: They take advantage of our mistakes. They have the athletes and the speed. Florida State seems to be back this year. I'm not terribly impressed by their offense but their defense could give us issues. Just like us, their defense is their anchor and they are fast. This could very well be the best defense that we'll face all season which could throw a wrench into our O-Line.

Sidenotes: Do I need to mention again that we haven't beaten the Seminoles?

Irrationally Optimistic Prediction: Georgia Tech 24 Florida State 16