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Gardner-Webb Post Game Thoughts

I really don't know what to say honestly. Am I embarrassed? No. Am I shocked? Yes. I think we can all say we know a little of what Michigan felt last year.

It was a strange day. Almost as if you think that this game just should not have happened. First, a WREK radio student sports host calls to blatantly skip the game. Then it was Fall Break, and a "boring" match-up with the Bulldogs with 3rd string Calvin Booker starting. The scary ironic addition of the day was Sedric Griffin. The Telegraph publishes this article about his medical condition (empyema) and then he has seizures on the field. Thank God for our defense.

I'm not going to dwell on the game. Gardner-Webb outplayed us and was not afraid to come to Atlanta. Time to move on. A win is a win is a win and 3 weeks from now, it will just have been another game. Clemson is 6 days away. Look to the future.

We got a lot of things scheduled for the blog this week so be on the lookout.