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Duke Post-Game Rememberings

Welcome back to reality Dukies.

Alright so correct scoring prediction should go more to Dane but I’ll take a tie. We learned some big things this week. 1. Duke is clearly better but not there yet. 2. Josh Nesbitt does not have to worry about Jaybo taking the starting spot anytime soon, and 3. We are not the well oiled machine quite yet. Duke had seen our offense before and was pretty prepared. We just wore them down.

I haven’t been able to watch a replay of the game so this is all by memory from Saturday so bear with me.

Things we don’t like

Now I will admit that I came in to this game with some expectations that were a high for the offense. Jaybo proved himself competent as a quarterback in Paul Johnson’s system. However, Nesbitt is clearly the better of the two. As we get into better competition, we want Nesbitt.

I will grant a pass to our O-Line as they seemed a little out of funk this game, kind of going through the motions and at times it really showed.

Things we do like

Scott Blair goes perfect in field goals!

Demaryius Thomas can catch a ball. The only one with a reception on the day for the Jackets, Thomas had 9 catches for 230 yards to lead the Jackets to victory.

Our defense is good our defensive line is one of the best. I don’t care who you play. But if a team has less than 50 yards of total offense at any time in the 4th quarter, you have a good line. Duke was kept out of the red zone the entire game and the Blue Devils go to receiver, Eron Riley, was held to 20 yards receiving. Ballin’!

Key Stat: Duke was 2 for 12 on 3rd down. The offense was slow to get going, the defense stood strong and dominated the game the entire way through.

Up Next:

Short write-up I know. The CSS replay is this Tuesday (I don’t have ESPNU so no dvr for the week). Gardner-Webb comes to town this week and the opening spread is 45.5 points! Who wants to take that bet? We’ve found a G-W blogger as well so be on the lookout for him to be our most welcome guest.

What are your post-game thoughts? Leave them in the comments!