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Bye-bye Bowden, guess we'll always care

After years of taking some of the nation's greatest talent, dropping it in the crapper, taking a wicked deuce, and flushing it all away, Tommy Bowden of the Clemson Tigers is, well, not of the Clemson Tigers anymore.

After a ridiculously ugly game Thursday night at Winston-Salem, everyone was on the lookout to see if the guillotine was being rolled out and greased up. Well, Bowden's proverbial head has now hit the basket, and we look to absolutely destroy the Tigers come the 18th.

Since deep down inside I actually love Clemson, I will keep this coaching change under a very watchful eye. Two of the biggest candidates for the switch are Will Muschamp, who I introduced you to last Friday, and Bobby Johnson of Vanderbilt.

God I hope it's Muschamp.