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At least we are ranked somewhere, damnit.

Brian and Jeff of BC Interruption apparently love us, as they rank the Yellow Jackets at the #12 spot in their latest blogpoll.

Hot damn! I'd put us at around 17th or 18th right now, not breaking the top 15 until after we play Clemson (assuming a big W there), but it sure as hell is nice to see someone giving us some credit. I'll put it like this - they ranked us higher than UF.

Edit: Zach at Old Gold and Blog give us no love, as we are nowhere to be found on his poll. That makes us sad.

Also, Spencer Hall (a.k.a. Orson Swindle) of EDSBS managed to see our game live and in person on Saturday. He gives Georgia Tech a fairly large thumbs up albeit only on the front end of a bunch of backhanded compliments; however, I take this the same as a recording artist takes having one of their hits being covered by Weird Al. The Jackets have made it - we're back.