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ACC Roundtable: Part Deux

It's the second installment of the ACC Roundtable in which blogs from across the ACC come together for a few segments of lively banter and discussion regarding our conference. This week's roundtable is hosted by Tar Heel Mania. So click over to his site for links to the other responses from across the league. Posted below are our answers to this weeks questions. Leave your comments below!

1. Okay, first things first: could someone please explain what the hell just happened this past Saturday?

The answer, my friends, is ACC parity. Who else can explain Virginia getting raped by USC and then getting back on track and rattling off a winning streak? Explain Maryland losing to Middle Tennessee State and then shutting out Wake Forest! It's parity. It's what makes the SEC so good! Eventually we won't have to play anyone outside of conference because we will beat up on each other so often! Look out "elite" conferences, there's a new dog on top!

2. Good Maryland, Bad Maryland, we've seen a fair share of both in 2008. Good Maryland may be the best team in the ACC, while Bad Maryland could probably lose by 20 to anyone left on their schedule. Which Maryland do we see for the rest of the season and where do you expect the Terps to finish?

Maryland may be beginning to feel the hunger and the fire of potentially winning the division but it's too late. The schedule is too difficult for and up and down team to remain consistent. For the Terps to have a legitimate chance at taking the Atlantic, they gotta go at least 4-1 for their rest of the season. Not happening. Florida State, Virginia Tech, and the ever dangerous BC Eagles will be too much for the Terps to handle to make a legitimate run. Look for them to play the spoiler role for the rest of the year. (ACC Parityyyyyyyy!)

3. Injuries are a part of college football, but they seem to have ravaged ACC offenses this year. Wake Forest has been without Sam Swank, Clemson is without C.J. Spiller, UNC is without T.J. Yates and Brandon Tate, Virginia Tech is without Kenny Lewis Jr., and NC State is without?just about everybody. Which team misses their fallen star(s) most and why?

Clemson is a mess with or without Thunder and Lightning. Sam Swank is clutch but just field goals can't win games, they just give you respect when you're getting shut out. Biggest loss so far this year has been Tyler Yates of North Carolina. With him, the Heels would have arguably beaten Virginia Tech and the roles of the positions of the two teams would be flip-flopped and us Jacket fans would be the biggest BC bandwagoners this week. Instead we're Noles fans and UNC seems to be on the outside looking in.

4. Last one: the pretty much unanimous division champs were Virginia Tech and Wake Forest last week. Given all the craziness that just happened, give us your updated ACC Championship scenario.

We're stickin' to our guns and staying with Boston College from the Atlantic. As for the coastal, it's almost to close to call right now. This Saturday will organize a few things out for us as Virginia (who controls their destiny) comes to Atlanta and Florida State plays the Hokies. So this week, things seem to be lookin' good for us but winning out the the conference schedule is very difficult. Will it happen? Probably not. Could it happen? Hellz yeah it can! Let's make the call: Georgia Tech from the Coastal and Boston College from the Atlantic for a rematch in Tampa! Who would have thought that The Legacy would ever say: GO NOLES! BEAT THE HOKIES!