Technical Tidbits

Technical Tidbits 4/16

Jeremiah Attaochu impatiently awaits the draft, Vad Lee shoots for the stars at James Madison, the off-season quarterback battles continue, and more on today's edition of Technical Tidbits.

Technical Tidbits 4/15

A comeback for Jamal Golden, a new team for Ty Marshall, and the rising stock of Brandon Watts headlines today's news from The Flats.

Technical Tidbits 4/14

Technical Tidbits are back, and under new management!

TT 5/23: In Which We're Humble, but Still Awesome

Today's Tidbits cover baseball, boasting, bouncyhoops, Bridgewater, a big help, and Bentleys.

TT 5/22: The Longest 100 Days of the Year Begins

Wednesday marks 100 days until the beginning of the 2013 college football season, and today's tidbits have you covered as we begin our countdown.

TT 5/20: In Which The ACC Finds Its Swagger

Today's Tidbits involve golf, good hoops, going too far, and greats (past and potential).

TT 5/17: In Which We Look to Win Lots of Awards

Today's Tidbits cover losses, longshots, ludicrous track records, late-breaking news (or maybe not so much), and late-afternoon game shows.

TT 5/16: In Which It's Never What It Looks Like

Today's Tidbits involve firings, finances, and fine lines.

TT 5/15: In Which Decisions Are Made, Good and Bad

Today's Tidbits cover serious moviegoing, silly names, silly choices, and signings.

TT 5/14: In Which Not All Tech Students Are Smart

Today's Tidbits cover questionable tweets, big shiny rocks, a really dumb former Tech student, and more alumni returning to the program.


TT 5/13: In Which Dan Mullen is a Real Sweetheart

Happy Monday, Jackets fans. Today's Tidbits cover re-injuries, ridiculous park-jobs, and recruiting strategery.

TT 5/10: In Which It's Friday, and Five O'Clock

There wasn't much need for tidbits this morning, but enough has happened throughout the course of the day that it seemed appropriate.

TT 5/9: Abuse Of the Rim Is Good, Of Others Is Bad

Today's tidbits cover a slam, a steal, and stupidity.

TT 5/8: In Which the Odds Are Not In Our Favor

Today's Tidbits concern gambling, rejection, disappointment, and eyesores. Yeah, happy Wednesday.

TT 5/7: In Which You Are Graduates

On this lovely Tuesday morning, we bring you Technical Tidbits: GRADUATION EDITION.

TT 4/24: In Which The BCS Never Ends

Today's Tidbits cover a baseball game you'd rather not hear about and sad days for college football, both past and future.

TT 4/23: In Which Lawyers Lawyer

Today's Tidbits cover the draft, (opposing) players of the week, and lawyers lawyer-ing.

TT 4/22: In Which Nate Returns to The Radio

Today's Tidbits cover spring games, international football, and a surprising 14-year-old.

TT 4/18: Spring Game? Spring Game.

Today's Tidbits cover the spring game and also the spring game.

TT 4/16: In Which We Get an A for Effort

Today's Tidbits cover UNC Unfails, poor journalistic practice by someone who is not me, and Louisville.

TT 4/15: In Which We Won't Make You Pay

Today's Tidbits cover the Masters, pants, and recruiting advice from a recruit.

TT 4/3: In Which the AP Picks Us Up

Today's Tidbits cover dwag fans, bad fielding, and too much data.

TT: In Which Nate Actually Has Time to Write Again

Today's tidbits cover opening day, a new mascot, and a crowd much worse than we're used to.

TT 3/25: In Which The Ball is A Grenade

Today's Tidbits cover 11 miles, much like Georgia Tech.

TT 3/20: In Which Sim Bhullar is Bigger Than You

Today's Tidbits cover large people, ACC postseason action, and unfortunate events.

TT 3/21: In Which Chris Bolden Ages

Today's Tidbits cover birthdays, recruiting problems, and brackets.

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