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What happens if Miami gets the death penalty?

It's a long way to go before it gets to this point, but what happens if the NCAA metes out the ultimate penalty to Miami?  Here are some of my thoughts.  What are yours? In 1987, SMU players and...

Pictures make me smile & The Ibis is an ugly bird

Someone sent this to me earlier today. So I'll pass it on to all of you. HT to NoleCC: the Ibis is one ugly bird. This picture brings back memories. So here's the infamous rideout video from the...

It's not as bad as it looks. Yeah, I said it.

Right now the ACC is the laughingstock of the college football world, and rightly so. The only team from the ACC that is ranked right now is Wake Forest. Now, I don't mean any insult to the Deacs,...

Ethical dilemma

This week we are presented with an ethical dilemma that does not involve women, drinking, or escaping the law. The question is simply do we play/risk Josh Nesbitt against the Canes or do we rest...

Miami Irrational Game Preview

We attempted valiantly to find a Miami Guest Blogger but got no responses. They are either assholes or they are scared stiff of our penetrating questions.Irrational Game Preview!What: Miami at...


Ok, so I have been busy/recovering from the ridiculous weekend in North Carolina two weekends ago, so I have kind of been slacking on the posts. However, waking up at 4:30 in the morning in order...

More on why today is a great day to be a living, breathing football fan

Winfield and I had a discussion earlier in the year, and it basically came down to what school from Florida we would rather beat this year. Winfield, being the lifelong fan, said FSU no doubt....

Nix out at Miami

Wow, did anyone not see this coming after that Emerald Bowl debacle? I think my little bro summed it up, "Miami hired Patrick Nix because Calvin Johnson made his terrible offense appear good." I...

Miami: Georgia Tech's BITCH since 2004

Georgia Tech Football in human formA friend of mine sent this to me from a Miami Hurricanes message board last night:This may just be me but I associate rivals with pure, unadulterated hate. When I...

Party in the city where the heat is on: Miami women preview

It's that time again. This week, we preview our miniature vacation to Miami. If you have ever been to Miami (which I have not, I just watch a lot of Burn Notice), you know that everyone there is...

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