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"On The Clock" Mock Draft I: Texans Trading Down

Steve Shoup, draft guru and co-creator of Fanspeak.com has pumped out three uniquely-flavored mock drafts exclusively for us here at Battle Red Blog. He used Fanspeak's highly useful "On The Clock" mock draft simulator. Check out the results.

Jadeveon Clowney Already Told He's The First Pick?

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report has offered up one rumor of why the talented former Gamecock has cancelled all workouts with NFL teams, and it is not as unlikely as you might think.

Bridgewater vs Clowney: What If? Comparisons

Thanks to the hard work of the folks at Football Outsiders and What If Sports, I have devised an imperfect method of comparing the Clowney ceiling with the Bridgewater floor to see which version of our fate would be superior.

NFL Network Analysts Leaning Towards Clowney

Check out Willie McGinest, Rod Woodson, and Charley Casserly's unsettling hair color opine on what the Texans should do with the top pick in the2014 NFL Draft.

Texans Media Blitz From Jadeveon Clowney's Pro Day

The Texans have published interviews with a former player, a current player, and a hopeful future player after one of the more impressive pro day pro day performances in recent memory. Read on to see who said what.

2014 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Mocks Clowney to Texans

First it was Clowney, then Manziel, then Bortles, then Clowney again, then Mack, and now Clowney yet again...and possibly for good this time. Has the former South Carolina DE's dominant pro day made him a lock for the first pick? Mel Kiper thinks so.

Jadeveon Clowney Pro Day Review

Star defensive end and athletic phenom Jadeveon Clowney participated in his long-awaited Pro Day this morning. Was he good enough to lock himself in as the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft?

Houston Texans Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

Former Bill and Titan Ryan Fitzpatrick is taking his talents to Houston. See how Texans fans react.

Wednesday Game Thread: Indians vs Athletics

Wednesday Game Thread: Indians vs Athletics (Salazar-Carrasco v. Strally)

2014 NFL Draft: Clowney's Lack Of Effort A Myth?

Another person who has bothered to watch Jadeveon Clowney's film has weighed in with the opinion that much of the concern about Jadeveon Clowney is misplaced. Check out what scout Jayson Braddock has to say about Clowney as a Texan.

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