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Football: How Do Ted Roof & Jeremy Pruitt Compare?

Our in-state rivals made news earlier this week when they hired a new DC, fresh off of a national championship. All things considered though, who has the better coordinator now?

Sources: "Johnson Wants Out", Johnson: "I Want In"

Just one day after QB Vad Lee's transfer was announced, rumors of more turmoil were announced, and then promptly shot down.

Rumors are Rumors


Word is #GaTech coach Paul Johnson is not happy with the school. Hopes they buy him out, according to a source.

Tech & Dickey Broadcasting Extend Partnership

News broke today that Tech sports will soon be getting more radio coverage via 680 The Fan among other Dickey Broadcasting stations.

Top 25 Released, No One At Tech Cares

The USA Today Pre-Season poll is out, and you know what that means: Tech isn't on it.

Morgan Burnett Earns Extension


Morg's new contract will pay him about 6.4 million a year over the next four years. Get it man!

New Football Commit- OL Michael Preddy

Tech picked up their #12 commitment today with a OL from Charleston, SC...

Oregon Receives Sanctions, NCAA Punishments A Joke


It's really disheartening how the NCAA has such an embarrassing record lately of letting the time fit the crime.

Rumble Seat Hangout

FTRS is looking to discuss GT sports on Google Hangout. Help us with our discussion.

TT 4/18: Spring Game? Spring Game.

Today's Tidbits cover the spring game and also the spring game.

TT 4/16: In Which We Get an A for Effort

Today's Tidbits cover UNC Unfails, poor journalistic practice by someone who is not me, and Louisville.

TT 4/15: In Which We Won't Make You Pay

Today's Tidbits cover the Masters, pants, and recruiting advice from a recruit.

Solomon Poole Undergoes Shoulder Surgery


Solomon Poole successfully underwent shoulder surgery Thursday.

TT 4/3: In Which the AP Picks Us Up


Today's Tidbits cover dwag fans, bad fielding, and too much data.

TT: In Which Nate Actually Has Time to Write Again

Today's tidbits cover opening day, a new mascot, and a crowd much worse than we're used to.

TT 3/25: In Which The Ball is A Grenade

Today's Tidbits cover 11 miles, much like Georgia Tech.

FTRS Tournament Pick 'Em Update

It's been a wild first two days to say the very least.

TT 3/20: In Which Sim Bhullar is Bigger Than You

Today's Tidbits cover large people, ACC postseason action, and unfortunate events.

TT 3/21: In Which Chris Bolden Ages

Today's Tidbits cover birthdays, recruiting problems, and brackets.

TT 3/20: In Which Purdue Makes us Look Bad

Today's Tidbits cover spring injuries, ACC basketball, and bad youtube videos.

TT 3/18: Fun With Homonyms

Today's Tidbits cover losing DWAGZ, a blazing fast fourth-stringer, and the Hulk.

TT 3/15: In Which YOU = BALLER

Today's Tidbits cover O'Brien's Reflexive Axioim on Awkward Recruiting, 41 points, and ACC refs.

Notre Dame to join ACC in July


Agreements with the Big East Conference today will allow the Fighting Irish to begin ACC play during the 2013-2014 year.

TT 3/11: In Which Phil Wheeler Reminisces

Today's Tidbits cover freshman photos, spring workouts, and the ACC Tournament.

TT 3/6: In Which the Cat Catches the Dwag

Today's tidbits cover injuries, media money for a dying brand, and radical shifts in the media mindset.

Midweek Mania

Tech's bats remained hot as they hit their seventh straight game scoring double digits.

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