Georgia Tech Traditions

Georgia Tech Football: VPISU Game is a WHITEOUT

Per the Athletics department and SGA, fans are being directed to wear white to Thursday night's matchup with division rival Virginia Tech.

Saturday is Georgia Tech Fan Day!

Saturday is the one day per year that you can ask for autographs from players and coaches, and they aren't allowed to say no.

Neat Photo Essay of Sideways the Dog


The AJC reprised some of their old photos of sideways for a really cool Tech history lesson.

Rumble Seat Hangout


FTRS is looking to discuss GT sports on Google Hangout. Help us with our discussion.

FTRS Q&A Special: History Lesson

We asked reader Vespula, a basketball-obsessed Jacket since her days as a student in the 70s, to compare the current beesketball team to the ones of yore and give us some perspective. Bone up on...

A Dark Cloud Approaches: It's Finals Week at Tech


This week is going to be pretty quiet from my side of things.

FTRS Readers, We Need to Talk


Something has come to light in the last few weeks, and I feel it's time that we had a nice discussion about it.

Bobby Dodd Statue Unveiled

On Friday afternoon, a statue honoring Coach Bobby Dodd was unveiled outside of the stadium named for him. The story and pictures are here!


WELCOME BACK TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Thursday Night Games Opening Thread

The Yellow Jackets aren't playing tonight, but does that really mean you aren't watching college football?

Public Service Announcement


I wanted to inform you all that as of today..... I, LilBroey700, have reached a milestone in life. According to documents officially provided me by the government, I am, officially.... 21 Years Of...

Friday Music - Mumford & Sons


I know there are probably music fans who do not like Mumford & Sons (my wife among them), but this group is clearly one of the most popular folk rock bands ever. I was introduced to them by my...

Friday Music - The Allman Brothers Band


If you were ever a fan of Southern Rock, you have to like The Allman Brothers Band. After all, they invented the genre. This song is from what may be the best live album ever released, At...

Friday Music - Downloads


If you are a fan of Coldplay, you probably have a playlist with their music on your iPod or PC. Did you buy all that music from iTunes or CDBaby or Amazon MP3? How many songs came from CDs where...

Progressive Tailgate Locations as Campus gets Prettier


Where to tailgate at Tech?

Friday Music - Norah Jones


There may be better singers, but I think Norah Jones may be in a league of her own when it comes to versatility. She is a pop diva, but also has a jazz band with a really wonderful sound. Here...

Friday Music - The Boss (updated to add another video)


I was working at Bell Labs in the 70's and a colleague invited me to use one of his tickets to a concert at the Jersey Shore. I had never seen Bruce Springsteen live. Born to Run had jumped to...

Friday Music - Mavis Staples & Bonnie Raitt


Summer is here and our attention is often focused elsewhere. I am asking our readers to let me know if you want the Friday Music feature to continue until football news picks up again in August. ...

Atlanta's Red Bull Soapbox Derby Will Have A Georgia Tech Flair To It


A crew of Georgia Tech alums created a Tech Tower "T" to drive down 10th Street during the Red Bull Soapbox Derby this Saturday. Good luck and Go Jackets! HT: Georgia Tech Athletics Facebook...

Friday Music - Doc Watson


One of the most influential guitarists, Doc Watson died this week. He was an icon among musicians. He never had a hit record. None of his albums ever went gold. But he is widely imitated, even...

Friday Night Music - The Civil Wars


The Civil Wars played their first gig at Eddies Attic in Decatur. If they come back this year, they will probably play at the Fox Theater. In just over two years this group has gone from nowhere...

Friday Night Music - Bob Marley


Thirty-one years ago this week Bob Marley died of cancer. In spite of all that was written and reported, he did not die of a drug overdose. When you think of rock music, here was a totally new,...

Friday Night Music - Arcade Fire


I was watching videos of this band last week and thinking about why I like them so much. Finally the lights came on and I found an explanation that made sense. I first saw them at the Barack...

M stands for Monday, Morning, and Mustache: A New FTRS Feature


Our Mustache of the Week is a legendary NFL figure.

Not a good day for the DWAGS...


It's been a little too long without some hate. Welcome to the weekend.

Going Back To 1970: The Ramblin' Reck Travels To El Paso


The Ramblin Reck Traveled To El Paso For The Last Sun Bowl. We recollected with the Driver at the time.

Georgia Tech's Labor of Hercules: the Mini 500 Homecoming Event


Georgia Tech's Labor of Hercules: the Mini 500 Homecoming Event

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