Georgia Tech History

Georgia Tech Basketball: The $15 Challenge

What if you could take the school's legendary players and form a lineup across the different basketball eras? I give you that chance here.

Cremins & Rice to be Inducted into GA Sports HOF


Two of the most successful men in Georgia Tech Athletics history will be recognized by the state this weekend.

Neat Photo Essay of Sideways the Dog


The AJC reprised some of their old photos of sideways for a really cool Tech history lesson.


Fighting Like Cats & Dogs: Our Two Main Rivals

Kyle King, previous blog manager of, wrote a detailed history of the rivalry between Clemson and UGA -- two teams that we as Tech fans have a very vested interest in.

Notre Dame to join ACC in July

Agreements with the Big East Conference today will allow the Fighting Irish to begin ACC play during the 2013-2014 year.

FTRS Q&A Special: History Lesson

We asked reader Vespula, a basketball-obsessed Jacket since her days as a student in the 70s, to compare the current beesketball team to the ones of yore and give us some perspective. Bone up on...

1963 Tech versus Tennessee History Lesson


Tech defeated Tennessee 23-7 in Knoxville in 1963. The game marked the end of Tech's last win streak against the Vols in the series history. The game is not only remembered for a controversial...

Bobby Dodd Statue Unveiled


On Friday afternoon, a statue honoring Coach Bobby Dodd was unveiled outside of the stadium named for him. The story and pictures are here!

Biggest Heisman Snubs?


Yo, Vince Young, I'mma let you finish, but Joe Hamilton was the biggest Heisman snub of ALL TIME!

SB Nation's College Football HoF has New Members!


10 have been inducted into the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame. How many were Georgia Tech alumni?

My favorite Olympics moment


The year is 2012, and it's now summertime, meaning we are very quickly approaching the London Olympic Games! With the Opening Ceremonies in less than 2 months, I thought I would take this time to...

Time for a Runoff!


Time for a runoff for the final nomination!

Time to finalize our nominations!


Monday Morning Recruitment Update is on vacation this week due to an alarmingly low volume of news. In the meantime, here's a special bit of stimulating content for your Monday morning! FTRS...

Tech Fans -- We Need Nominations for the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame!


We need nominees for SB Nation's college football Hall of Fame!

Monday Morning Mustache, Brother!


All you Hulkamaniacs better check out the Monday Morning Mustache, brother!

Monday Morning Mustache: When Sports and Art can Be Friends


A history lesson that encompasses baseball, art, and cartoons?

Monday Morning Mustache: Tuesday Morning Not Mustache Edition


Why on Earth are we not profiling a mustache in the Monday Morning Mustache???

95 Years Ago Today, Georgia Tech Defeated Cumberland 222-0


95 Years Ago Today, Georgia Tech Defeated Cumberland 222-0 and Georgia Tech opened its doors to students for the first time.

On This Day In Georgia Tech History: Huge Things Happened! Read Some History


October 7 is quite a celebratory day for Georgia Tech. 26 years ago, your FTRS statistician and PTFE'r Bird was born. 94 years ago, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0. 112 years ago, Georgia Tech...

SC State Open Thread!



T-Book Tutorings: Clint Castleberry and Leonard Wood


Today, T-Book Tutoring will showcase two individuals from Georgia tech whose names are familiar but backgrounds could be hazy to the public.Clint Castleberry Called "the most dangerous runner in...

T-Book Tutorings: Shirttail Parades


For today's T-Book Tutorings, we talk about "Shirttail Parades": One of the many traditions that freshmen were required to participate in, shirt tail parades were always quite the spectacle for...

Dean Dull's Obituary


James Edward Dull, 80, VP/Dean of Students Emeritus Georgia Tech died March 22, 2009. He was born and reared in Connellsville, PA, the son of James and Anna Jean Dull. Upon graduation from...

A History Lesson in Tradition: The T-Book


In an effort to inform, educate and teach as many people as possible, The Legacy crew brings back some of their more popular posts from the "old days". Today, the history of the T-book. The...

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