Rod Sweeting Combine Results & Analysis


Georgia Tech's own Rod Sweeting took part in the NFL Combine on Tuesday alongside many other defensive backs and safeties. Here's some analysis on his performances.

Rod Sweeting, DB

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 189lbs

Arms: 31 1/4"

Hands: 9"

40-Yard Dash: 4.42 seconds

Bench Press: 11 reps

Vertical Jump: 37.0 inches

Broad Jump: 124.0 inches

Analysis: Sweeting had a tough senior year in coverage overall, though he showed major improvements following the departure of Al Groh (probably not a coincidence). He obviously has some great physical tools though, as his 40-Yard Dash time is tied for 9th among cornerbacks from the Combine (better than Shawn Williams of uga and David Amerson of NC State), while his Vertical Jump came in at 8th (better than Williams, Amerson, and Dee Milliner of Alabama). His Bench Press and Broad Jump were more middle-of-the-pack, which while not great also isn't terrible. Physically, it's probably fair to say that Sweeting helped himself a fair amount with his Combine performances, and he can help himself a good bit more by showing progress come Georgia Tech's Pro Day.

Bottom Line:'s pre-Combine analysis of Sweeting was that he needed to show a display of straight-line speed and general quickness. With top-10 performances in the 40-Yard Dash and Vertical Jump, and solid performances in his other two events, I'd think it's fair to say that he answered any questions concerning his physical abilities. The other main concern with Sweeting would be his small stature when defending much larger veteran receivers. My biggest response to that would be that Sweeting isn't a guy who plays like he's short of 200lbs. We've seen him dish out some truly devastating hits that one wouldn't expect from someone his size, and so that strength is encouraging to me in combatting his size. A great Sun Bowl MVP performance saw him lock down two of USC's large, talented receivers, and he's now followed it up with an impressive Combine performance. currently predicts Sweeting to be a 7th-round pick, but don't be surprised if he essentially pulls a Stephen Hill and moves up a few rounds after an impressive Pro Day performance. I could see Sweeting being a 4th-5th round pick if his progress continues, and provided his progress continues, the team that selects him won't be disappointed.

Do you think Sweeting did himself any favors at the Combine yesterday? How do you see him being as an NFL defensive back?

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