Georgia Tech's Bobby Jones: The Original Master

As the Masters has drawn to a close, we're reflecting on one of the game's all-time greats, who is himself an esteemed alumnus of Georgia Tech.

Venturing into Enemy Territory

I decided that since I was not going to be able to watch the baseball game against FSU (go Beesball!) that instead I would practice my spying, so I paid a visit to the uga spring game.

Help Wanted! FTRS is looking for new writers.

We're looking for a few good men or women to help us take From the Rumble Seat to the next level. If you're interested, check this out.

Could illiterate athletes survive at Ga Tech?

College athletes have been in the news recently, as many are taking and passing college-level courses, even though they have the reading level of elementary school children.

Why is Student Attendance So Low at College Games?

It's something that has been discussed a lot recently, and has been on my mind. I want to give you an alternate theory.


It's time for your training to pay off.


It was a hard-fought battle, and finally we're at the top.

5 Things Under Ga Tech Athletics' Christmas Tree

Santa doesn't stop there once he's delivered to all the boys and girls, you know. He has other stops to make as well.

Growing Up, Abandonment, and You

It's a special day for yours truly, and it's going to have some consequences for you, the reader.

FTRS Presents: Bowl Pick 'Em!

It's that time of year, Tech fans. Time to show off how much you REALLY know about college football.


Saturday TV Schedule & Open Thread

Georgia Tech has Saturday off on the gridiron, sadly, meaning you'll have more time to watch some other teams compete.

Is the End of Football Coming Soon?

Violence in football is both appealing and revolting. Could it bring on financial ruin for the sport?

Mailbag 11/5

This week we're looking at the past, present, and future, all at the same time.

Mailbag 10/30

We're covering all the bases in this week's mailbag, from beer to Halloween to potential NCAA violations.

Mailbag Questions

It was a really long start to the week for me, so unfortunately this feature was delayed. However, ask away, and answers will be up tomorrow morning first thing!

Monday Mailbag 10/21 Questions

After a brief hiatus, the Monday Mailbag is making its triumphant return this week!

Monday Mailbag 10/7

There are a lot of questions concerning moving forward for this team, and we're getting them answered this afternoon.

Monday Mailbag 10/7 Questions

A second straight loss has created a lot more questions than it's answered.

Monday Mailbag 9/30

Lots of questions stemmed from Georgia Tech's loss to Virginia Tech, and your resident faux-expert is here to answer them.

Monday Mailbag 9/23

Today's abbreviated version of the mailbag will involve us talking about the UNC game, the team's weaknesses, and the APU movement.

Monday Mailbag Questions

The UNC game is behind us, and the season is already 25% over. Ask away!

Monday Mailbag 9/16

Today we're talking the Duke game, between hype, disappointment, and weird formations.

Monday Mailbag 9/16 Questions

The Duke game is behind us. What are your outstanding questions about any of our athletics' programs?

Monday (Wednesday) Mailbag

Here we go! I appreciate you considering me an expert in so many categories... not really. Just a replacement for Joey.

Monday Mailbag

Here we go!

Tuesday Tailgate: (10) Yellow Jacket Alley

Our Tuesday Tailgate series comes to a close today as we look at the most exciting tailgating spot on the entire campus.

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