My Groom's Cake

This was my groom's "cake" that my dad made. I posted on Reddit... which exploded to the top r/cfb post then collegespun picked it up. Here is a pic if anyone is interested

Neat Photo Essay of Sideways the Dog

The AJC reprised some of their old photos of sideways for a really cool Tech history lesson.

Football Outsiders Almanac Now Available

This is the Football Outsiders preview magazine available for immediate download. In my mind it is well worth the cost of $12 for the college chapters alone, but there is so much more as well.

Morgan Burnett Earns Extension

Morg's new contract will pay him about 6.4 million a year over the next four years. Get it man!

Two GT Players on Butkus Award Watchlist

Only ACC team with two Butkus Award watch listers.

The Process Episode 1

It's here! The first episode of The Process. Filmed in IMAX and making GT Football look pretty amazing.

(Sidenote - use of visual references to a yellow jackets' nest is spreading in our media materials...and I, for one, welcome it.)

**Note...Frontpaged by TBuzz because this whole concept is simply awesome and it's well-produced.

What do you want in the next "Voice of the Yellow Jackets"?


My humble opinion: 1. Be somewhat of a "homer". In this day and age, no one expects a CFB/BB broadcaster to be 100% Neutral. Cirlado, Munson, Durham, Eli Gold, etc. are expected to be the voice of the FAN and act accordingly 2. Be a journalist. As a corollary to #1 have the gravitas and distance from the program to call out Coaches, Staff, even Players when they make a mistake or act badly. I'm thinking about Richt and his poor clock management in his early days on the sidelines, or Durham calling out Stephen Hill for taking plays off. This is NOT a license to call out an 18 year old who makes a bonehead play, but is trying to learn the system/play with the big boys. 3. Get excited-somewhat related to #1. Wes did a great job of "coming out of his seat" for big plays. For those of us listening on Radio (while the TV plays), the call of "25-20-15-10 Touchdown" this makes all the difference, and sets the VoTYJ's apart from CBS/ABC/ESPhrickiN talking heads. 4. Be memorable. To wit: "Toe Meets Leather (TML)", "Hobnail Boot", and "Property Damage", "Sisson....YES", "ThrillerDome", etc. This is your TRUE legacy as VoTYJ's. What do YOU want to SEE/HEAR from the next VoTYJ's?

Great CFN article on GT Football 2013

The overall team is here: Deeper dive on offense: Deeper dive on defense: All in all, they seem fairly optimistic on the defense and pretty high on the offense. What do y'all think?

One-Day Ticket Offer!

Go to the Syracuse game (Oct. 19) or the Pittsburgh game (Nov. 2, Homecoming!) for only $15! The sale only runs for 15 hours, and begins at 9 am Monday.


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