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Defensive Benchmarks for the 2011 Georgia Tech Football Team

Benchmarks for the 2011 Georgia Tech defense to improve upon...


Will GT make a bowl game in 2011?

42% of the teams that make the NFL playoffs don't make the playoffs the following year. Since ACC expansion, 20% of the teams that made bowls don't make bowls the following year. This year that...

Georgia Tech Offensive Benchmarks for the 2011 Season

Breaking down Georgia Tech's offensive benchmarks for 2011.

Vad Lee: Let's get real folks

There is a thread on StingTalk regarding the CPJ quote that Lee is "light years ahead of what he expected" after only four days.  This is an interesting topic for discussion, but let's get real for...

Holy Cow! Georgia Tech Fan Day Is Tomorrow, August 6th!

Don't forget that Georgia Tech Fan Day Is Tomorrow.   From the GT Athletics Facebook page With Fan Day tomorrow, please spread the word that if it rains, the event WILL STILL GO ON - We are just...

Georgia Tech's Passing Numbers Are Consistent Over Time. What Needs To Change In 2011 For Success?

Contrary to public belief, Georgia Tech does not need to open up its offense and pass more.

Denzel McCoy Is Done With Football Due To Medical Condition

In some unfortunate news released yesterday, Denzel McCoy will no longer play football for Georgia Tech due to an undisclosed medical condition that was first brought up late last year.  McCoy, who...

Secondary is Primary Uncertainty

Youth will be served on the Yellow Jackets' defense in 2011. This season, we will witness the beginning of potentially the best secondary Tech has ever had, and certainly the best since I started...

Frank Deford Rips NCAA And Its Claim To 'Amateurism'

Click the link and read the transcript or listen to the audio of NPR host Frank Deford give his opinion on the NCAA . If the retreat would only admit that the reason integrity has flown the coop is because it is impossible to maintain the fiction that billion-dollar entertainment industries –– which is what ticket sales, concessions and TV contracts make college football and basketball to be –– simply cannot logically exist when everybody is making money but the entertainers themselves. Never mind fairness; it is against human nature. The system obliges hypocrisy and mandates deceit. Yet a stated purpose of the retreat is to "maintain amateurism" –– even as more and more observers and insiders, including coaches, have changed their minds and concluded that the NCAA must acknowledge that the 19th century really did end sometime ago.

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