Georgia Tech - UNC Over/Under Accountability

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

This week was filled with redemption and overall good scores! I'll try harder next time...

Over/Under 3.5 Vad Lee Touchdowns

Actual Number: 2 (1 Passing, 1 Rushing)

Lee had 5 touchdowns last week against Duke, but was toned down to 2 touchdowns against UNC. David Sims had two TD's on the ground, and the relatively low score of 28 points meant there wasn't a whole lot of scoring to go around. That won't be a common trend over the course of the year, though.

Over/Under 0.5 100-Yard Rushers for Georgia Tech

Actual Number: 1 (Robert Godhigh, 100 Yards on 9 carries)

It took a 48-yard carry to get him in range, but Godhigh was able to be Georgia Tech's first 100-yard rusher since Vad Lee did it last year against UNC. The Tar Heels have traditionally struggled with Paul Johnson's offense, so it's not surprising that this was the game to break out of the slump. We'll see how many more games involve a Tech ballcarrier hitting the century mark this year.

Over/Under 0.5 Touchdowns for Broderick Snoddy

Actual Number: 0

After a performance against Duke that saw Snoddy go for 29 yards on only 3 carries and fit into his role in the offense better than he ever has yet, I (among others) had high hopes for Snoddy against UNC. However, those hopes weren't realized. Not only did Snoddy not score a touchdown on Saturday, but he didn't even record a touch via carry or catch.

Over/Under +0.5 Turnover Margin for Georgia Tech

Actual Number: 0 (1 takeaway, 1 giveaway)

After the Sun Bowl and Elon were filled with Georgia Tech scoring turnovers (3 INTs in each game), the past two games have resulted in a grand total of one takeaway, that coming in the form of a Louis Young interception in the fourth quarter on Saturday. It's been a strange drought of turnovers for Tech, a continued lack of which will hurt when playing teams like Miami and BYU where offense will be more of a struggle.

Over/Under 2.5 Sacks for Georgia Tech

Actual Number: 1 (Jeremiah Attaochu)

This result is only partially negative, as Attaochu would have had another sack or two if UNC's offensive line weren't forced to hold him on occasion. Also consider that UNC threw a lot of quick passes, keeping Tech's defensive front from having an opportunity to rush the passer. The other side of this coin is that the rest of Tech's defensive line had limited opportunities to get after Renner, which they were unable to take advantage of. This would seem to be an issue that isn't getting better by the week.

Over/Under +3.5 Point Margin of Victory for Georgia Tech

Actual Number: +8

Not sure if we're all really good at picking against the spread, or if we're really cocky about a team that's pretty good at covering the spread. In any case, this is our second straight week of all voting members being correct about GT covering.

Weekly Shout-Outs: Congrats to user pulindian, who went a perfect 6-0 this week! His week put him into a tie with Dive Keep and Pitch for the season lead at a whopping 16-2 (88.9%)! Another shout-out goes to users 4Natlchamps, JohnHeisman, and mrnuttle, who were our only sub-.500 users this week. If the three of you need inspiration, just look to PeterInVA -- last week's LVP at 2-4 who made a jump this week to 5-1! PeterInVA is this week's most improved!

Weekly Entrant Success Rate: 66.7% (88-44)

Season Entrant Success Rate: 64.6% (217-119)

This Week's Results (Updated 12:30pm)

pulindian 6 0 100% ClavinCliff 4 2 67%
acedarney 5 1 83% AugustaJacket 3 3 50%
Atlanta's original team 5 1 83% Joey Weaver 3 3 50%
Buddy Smiggins 5 1 83% packerman 3 3 50%
Dive Keep and Pitch 5 1 83% pswole GT 3 3 50%
jchens_GT 5 1 83% The_GT_LineageX11 3 3 50%
MagnaCarterGT 5 1 83% 4Natlchamps 2 4 33%
PeterInVA 5 1 83% JohnHeisman 2 4 33%
richman0610 5 1 83% mrnuttle 2 4 33%
selwonk 5 1 83% Dwalk1217 0 0 0%
dhbartlett 4 2 67% kizzak 0 0 0%
GTJonny 4 2 67% Matt Mills 0 0 0%
jabbajacket 4 2 67% tdot6 0 0 0%
JacksonJacket 4 2 67% zachwreck 0 0 0%

Week 3 Leaderboard (Updated 12:30pm)

Dive Keep and Pitch 16 2 88.9% GTJonny 8 4 66.7%
pulindian 16 2 88.9% MagnaCarterGT 8 4 66.7%
richman0610 14 4 77.8% AugustaJacket 7 5 58.3%
dhbartlett 12 6 66.7% 4Natlchamps 6 6 50.0%
Joey Weaver 12 6 66.7% JohnHeisman 6 6 50.0%
packerman 12 6 66.7% pswole GT 6 6 50.0%
jchens_GT 10 2 83.3% acedarney 5 1 83.3%
ClavinCliff 10 8 55.6% selwonk 5 1 83.3%
Buddy Smiggins 9 3 75.0% kizzak 4 2 66.7%
The_GT_LineageX11 9 5 64.3% Dwalk1217 3 3 50.0%
jabbajacket 9 7 56.3% Matt Mills 3 3 50.0%
JacksonJacket 9 9 50.0% zachwreck 3 3 50.0%
PeterInVA 9 9 50.0% mrnuttle 2 4 33.3%
Atlanta's original team 8 4 66.7% tdot6 0 1 0.0%

This concludes Week 3. Bring on the trash talk!

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