If you could set the GT Football schedule...

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Recent news that the GT football schedule is in limbo with numerous cancellations of OOC games and a lot of speculation as to who is responsible and why. As a long time season ticket holder I am curious about others opinions on the subject of "if I could set the schedule".

With the new playoff system not yet in stone perhaps it makes sense to keep all options open:)

I would like to see Tech football move up a notch and I think scheduling could help over time. I start with the premise that we stay in the ACC, our curriculum isn't changing, and Paul Johnson is the coach, which does matter because of the option attack.

This year and for several years now we play a OOC including two 1AA along with someone like BYU and UGA. I get it, this is fairly common for many power conference schools. But we are in the low end of the "power conferences" and I would argue adding at least one if not dropping both 1AA would get the attention of everybody, including recruits. Over time I think we attract a few more of those 4 stars we need to get this to another level. We need another reason for guys to come to GT vs other perhaps more attractive football schools and I say show some Moxie in the schedule is the way to get noticed and provide a legit reason. Think where Boise State or TCU were 10 years ago.

So my schedule, 8 ACC games plus UGA, and the other 3 OOC games would be:

A second SEC school from a border State. Great for driving home and home for both fan bases.

A west coast D1 team like BYU or a Pack 12 school.

Any school from the B1G. Love to see Penn State on the schedule.

This is a ND type schedule and I say in 5-10 years it pays off in recruiting and eventually wins and losses. For some of us, that's not a long time.

Will we take some lumps for several years, yes. As an alum and long time season ticket holder this kind of schedule excites me, win or lose. I also understand that getting this done is tough because of the new playoff system and, who wants to defend the option of Paul Johnson on one week notice. I disagree with coach on this, it matters.

So would you risk more losses from a tough schedule and perhaps missing the playoffs or keep the schedule more or less like it is?

Am I nuts or would it work and move us up a notch?

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