GAMETIME CHANGE: Beesball to play doubleheader today, series finale tomorrow


The Jackets are back home this weekend for a 3 game series against Costal Carolina. Jackets hope to capitalize on a home series after losing 3 out of their past 4 weekend series.

There is so much to report on.. Sorry we have been a bit MIA as students. Myself a little bit more. Finals week is officially over and I am turning the corner to a 6-hour, 5th year Fall ready to contribute a lot more to FTRS. Let's turn to baseball though, I can talk about myself all day.. :)

For those of you how haven't followed Tech baseball so far this season, the Joltin' Jackets have had their ups and downs to say the least. This is coming from someone with high expectations for this team however, because even with their struggles these past few weeks, the Jackets are currently ranked 23rd with ESPN. We just dropped off Baseball America's top 25 list.. I used to value them more because they had us as high as 9th in the nation at one point and do much more legitimate analysis, but since they dropped us from their Top 25, I like ESPN more.. I'm a fair weather rankings reader you could say.

After starting 21-6 through the month of March, the Jackets have begun to struggle at bit in the ACC on the road, dropping series to Florida State, Duke, and Clemson as well as swept at home against NC State. The Jackets beat the dwags earlier this season before getting caught in a 17-0 quicksand loss at Turner Field. As for the month of April, Tech was 7-10. The Jackets are looking to finish the season as strong as they started, opening up May and the Summer semester with a series against Costal Carolina.

The series will be at home this weekend, where the Jackets are 20-7 this season. This is the Jackets fourth to last series, as well as the one game final against uga (autocorrected on my computer ugh). Due to potential weather, the Jackets will be playing a double header tonight, at 2pm and another expected for around 6pm. I will be watching the first on ESPN3/WREK radio, and making the 6pm game tonight. Follow me here and on twitter for more updates (@FTRSChas).

Expected starters:

Friday, May 3, 2 p.m. (RHP Buck Farmer, GT vs. LHP Ben Smith, CCU)

Friday, May 3, 6.p.m. (tentative), (RHP Dusty Isaacs, GT vs. RHP Seth Lamando, CCU)

Saturday, May 4, 6 p.m. (RHP Cole Pitts, GT vs. RHP Tyler Poole, CCU)

Here are the links for the WREK Radio, 91.1:

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3

Live stats:

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3

ESPN 3 Webcast:

Game Game 2 Game 3

Follow us live here and on twitter @FTRSChas for more updates.

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