Education is Special for Georgia Tech Athletes

P.J. Daniels returns to the Flats for his degree on Saturday.

Saturday's graduation ceremonies provide us with an opportunity to recognize a particularly special element of our institution's athletic culture.

This Saturday will see 64 students associated with Georgia Tech's athletics department walk across the stage in the McCamish Pavilion with a newly-awarded college degree. Those athletes have put themselves through hell and high water to get that degree, taking on such major time commitments at a school that's tough enough without them. The list of graduates (with their respective degree programs and sports) is below. As you peruse it, I want you to pay attention to some of the names that you see.

Burnette, Jonathan Chase -- BA -- Baseball
Didrick, Jarrett Richard -- BA -- Baseball
Fisher, Michael Paul -- BA -- Baseball
Bivins, Shayla Jillyan -- STC -- Basketball
Hamilton-Carter, Danielle Evelyn --HTS -- Basketball
Hudson, Zuri Sebrina -- BIO -- Cheerleading
Nguyen, Nixon -- BIO -- Cheer - Buzz
Sarkari, Sheriyar -- MGT -- Cheer - Buzz
Tribo, Michael -- CHBE -- Cheer - Buzz
Wright, Margaret Elizabeth -- BA -- Cheerleading
Burtz, Leslie Jordan -- BA -- Dance
Evans, Pharan Alexandra Sanch -- BMED -- Dance
Beno, Raymond James -- BA -- Football
Burnett, Julian Kenneth -- MGT -- Football
Carter, Morgan Carlo -- BA -- Football
Daniels, Prince Ahadzie (PJ) -- MGT -- Football (02-05)
Dorsey, Nathaniel Willie -- MGT -- Football (01-03)
Emerson, Colin Clinton -- IE -- Football
Freeman, Samuel Garrett -- IE -- Football
Jackson, Christopher James -- HTS -- Football
Jackson, William Patrick -- BA -- Football
Johnson, Michael Joseph -- BC -- Football
Kidney, Michael Tyler -- BA -- Football
Morgan, Trenton Tyler -- MGT -- Football
Munroe, Malcolm Shakajamal -- BA -- Football
Paige, Jamal Anthony -- IE -- Football
Pritchett, Cory Russell -- BA -- Football
Smith, Orwin Dante -- MGT -- Football
Tanner, James Christopher -- EIA -- Football
Wang, Minghao -- BA -- Golf
Anderson, Lindsey Erin -- BA -- Softball
Cross, Clifford Huntington -- CMPE -- Student Manager
Kersey, Richard A -- BA -- Student Manager
Paroli, Christopher John -- BA -- Student Manager
Patrick, Rachel Marissa -- CHEM -- Student Trainer
Roland, Cassidy Blair -- BIO -- Student Trainer
Turner, Joshua Davis -- CE -- Student Trainer
Hart, Michael Hamilton -- CHBE -- Swimming
Hatchett, Thomas Lawrence -- BIO -- Swimming
Makinson, Brandon Alexander -- AE -- Swimming
Vaughan, Matthew Eric -- PFE -- Swimming
Kilborn, Elizabeth Anne -- BIO -- Tennis
Black, Douglas Rumsey -- CS -- Track/Crs Ctry
Chambers, Mykhail R -- STC -- Track/Crs Ctry
Devito, Paul Vincent -- BIO -- Track/Crs Ctry
Jones, Perron Deonte` -- CS -- Track/Crs Ctry
Kent, Jasmine Yvette -- ARCH -- Track/Crs Ctry
Powers, Eric Ryan -- CHBE -- Track/Crs Ctry
Simms, Michael Richard -- BA -- Track/Crs Ctry
Sims, Jade Alexandria -- PSYC -- Track/Crs Ctry
Stowe, Joseph Donald -- CS -- Track/Crs Ctry
Unterberger, Aaron Josiah -- IE -- Track/Crs Ctry
Vance, Kathryn Allison -- CHEM -- Track/Crs Ctry
Carlson, Susan Maria -- BA -- Volleyball

Jordan, Pierre Travez -- BC -- Basketball
Jones, Roderick Rinaldo -- BA -- Football, Baseball
Miller, William Ramsey -- IE --Golf
Copeland, Noah Reid -- AE -- Swimming
McLeod, Mari Eden -- ARCH -- Swimming
Tillman, Zachary Eric -- CHE -- Swimming
Tzegaegbe, Jacob Yaacov -- CE -- Swimming
Dillard, Raenard DeAndrea -- BA -- Track/Crs Ctry
Kim, Elizabeth Chi Soon -- PUBP -- Track/Crs Ctry
McMeekin, Maureen Elizabeth -- ME -- Track/Crs Ctry

As you looked through that list, you probably saw such names as PJ Daniels, Nat Dorsey, and Michael Johnson. These are guys who had success in their sport, and yet made it a point to come back and finish their degrees. Johnson and Phillip Wheeler are the two shining examples of this that I've seen, having had considerable success in the NFL before their return to the Flats. I'm always impressed seeing the priorities of our athletes, as they make it a point to return to school where most athletes would leave and never turn back. Just one more reason I'm proud to call this institution my home, and I'll be proud to call it my alma mater very soon (God-willing).

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