FINAL SCORE: Miami 45, Georgia Tech 30

Joel Auerbach

Georgia Tech put up a huge fight early, scaring some Miami fans. It didn't last long though.

There you have it, Tech fans. A 5-game losing streak within our own division, to complement our 4-game losing streak to another division opponent.

Georgia Tech started out HOT. The Yellow Jackets jumped out to a 17-7 lead by the end of the first quarter, and Miami's defense looked rattled and gassed. They were rolling. David Sims was on fire up the middle, and Miami's defense looked confused at best. Oh, and who could forget that the Yellow Jackets finished with a +1 turnover margin? Stephen Morris threw 2 INTs, Duke Johnson fumbled, and Phillip Dorsett fumbled a punt return. A surefire win here, no?

At halftime, the game was tied at 17. After halftime, the defense came out and created a 3-and-out, surely a sign of changed momentum. Tech has this in the bag.

It wasn't to be. Miami scored 28 in the second half to Georgia Tech's 13. For those who didn't watch, no, the 13 was not a clutch touchdown and two field goals -- it was a touchdown with 10 seconds left, and an earlier touchdown with a missed extra point by Harrison Butker, the true icing on the crap-cake made by Tech in the final three quarters.

I don't know what to chalk this game up to. I'll say that Miami is wildly talented, especially on offense, and that their 38 offensive points doesn't exactly shock me. However, after such a start, how does Miami finish with on a 38-13 run? Surely they're not THAT much more talented.

Vad Lee had an absolutely phenomenal game today. Then the second quarter started. Time will tell whether he even starts next week against BYU. Justin Thomas was decent when he had opportunities.

Playcalling, especially after halftime, was subpar. I still have no remote understanding of why we let Vad throw from under center. Speaking of which, the passing has been AWFUL the past two weeks. How on Earth is the tandem of Vad and Justin actually worse at passing than the tandem of Nesbitt and Washington?

Clearly I don't know how to feel about this game. Maybe you do. We're sitting at 3-2, with both losses being in-conference, and we're traveling to Utah in 6 days to play in one of the worst environments a road team can ask for. Of our last 8 quarters, roughly 1 has looked decent. Where do we go from here?

Thoughts? Opinions? Who starts moving forward? What should we take away from this one?

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