Airing of Grievance

I didn't want to hijack the Great Uniform Debate of 2012, so I've raised my Festivus Pole, cooked the Meatloaf and am drinking whisky clear from the hip flask.

I find the lack of SWAG with the Ramblin' 'Reck here-to-with embossed upon to be troubling.

The 'Reck is the official mascot of the Institute, and should be so recognized and supported/emblazoned.

Buzz is cute, and you need a real live meme who can:

  1. Play football at the "Mascot's Game" at the ACC Championship (FSU sends a cheerleader-which is nice-since Renegade, and Osceola are one blazing spear away from a general conflagration).
  2. Crowd Surf
  3. Lead the Band in "Budweiser" (it's hard for an old Ford without opposable thumbs).
  4. Appear on Capital One's "Mascot Challenge" (cause really, do you want the Reck driver's showcased on TV?) -Sorry Bird and Winfield!-
  5. Generally run around BUUUUZZZZEEEEEDDDD on Benzedrine.
  6. Shill for Capital One's credit cards.
  7. Use up ALL THE FEBREZE after every game-'cause sweat and foam rubber don't play well together.
  8. General mayhem and hilarity.
  9. Hug the kids, goose the Grannys, and do pushups after every SCORE!!!!

BUT, as a fan/alum/legacy/ThingsWereBetterInTheOldenDays/curmudgeon, I'd like something MOAR than the one, count 'em one, coffee mug available at the Bookstore with the 'Reck emblazoned in Gold Leaf.

The Alumni Association does a nice job of pimping the 'Reck, especially the logo (the 'Reck from the beltline up), but I'd like to see the Institute promote the 'Reck more.

I feel that I am up against the boffins in Marketing who see Buzz as the embodiment of the symbol of the Institute to the sidewalk fan and those seeing us on the BoobTube.

Perhaps they are also worried about the whole Southern Football problem of multiple "mascots" (WarEaglesWhoSayTiger, CrimsonTahde/RedElephants, etc), but we've got the only non-sentient mascot that has the potential to be in use until the Iron and Cadmium atoms fly apart in the reversal of the BigBang (or December, 2012).

When interviewed by the local paper on the 50th anniversary of the Wreck, I commented that the 'Reck could have been on campus during my Grandfathers' time at the Institute (late '20's, early 30's), and definitely was on campus during my Father's ('58-'62) and my time on Campus.

What other mascot can boast 3 Generations of Awesomeness?

Thus endenth the Airing of the Grievance (and the flask), thank you for your attention!

FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the FTRS writing staff, and are spotlighted purely to create discussion.

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