To Fire or Not to fire......

Since I know this is on everyone's mind right now after the Homecoming game. i thought I would just start a new thread directly addressing the issue. I will preface this that I am a few drinks in to the evening while writing this so forgive me if its a little hard to follow.

On Firing PJ:

  1. Do we have the money? I don't rightly know to be honest. And since i do not write actual checks to the GTAA I cannot say what they have in the bank should the be PO'd enough to actually pull the trigger.
  2. Considering the above, we might want to wait for the next season anyways because the last time I looked the following schools are also going to be looking and I don't know how much of a bidding war we can get into; Auburn, Texas(IMHO), Tenn, Arkansas, Kentucky, Boston College. All these teams are in the region or in the conference, except TX. But most have deeper pockets than GT at the moment based on what we have heard on our finances.

On what should be done:

  1. Though I loath to mention this, it has come to that point. We should pull and SEC and in all reality "fire" all the players and play the best talent on the team. If you don't know what I am talking about, then I will try to explain it. Typically we look to the Seniors for leadership and experience. Based on the product of play I'd say that they have failed us/ the coaches. UGA's coach Mark Richt did this last year. There are 85 scholarship players on a team (not counting penalties) but only 11 playing at a time. If I am a coach AND my job is on the line, I better be playing the best talent I have, PERIOD. I put my trust in the seniors and they let me down. I blame the players because how can you explain they same guys that played the first 3 games and 3/4 of the MIA game to the rest of the season and say they are the same personnel. i dare you to tell me they are the same guys. Tevin, I love ya, you have carried the banner as best you could, but you just aren't cutting it. Sorry, them's the rules. I expect better play and leadership out of Div 1 QB with 2.5+ seasons of experience.
  2. Everyone on staff should be given notice. No one is safe this season. The reason AG was fired was to let us, the fans, know that the staff understands and are taking action. This is the same thing reason for number one. Let the HC be the calm, quiet and reserved one. i want the assistants to be the ones getting in guys faces and chewing them out or doing the flying chest bumps. When the D is on the sidelines, they should be huddled around their position coach who is getting the adjustments from the booth and prepping for the next series. ( I have not been to a game because I live in OH, so please correct me if I am wrong)
  3. PJ should come out and basically address that the #1 and #2 are in affect starting now. Calm the masses. The haters are going to hate, the believers are going to believe. Its like Dems and Reps in the elections at this point. Though I say there are far few believers out there, I am one of the believers on shaky ground. This is mostly because, I know PJ has forgotten more football than I will ever learn. But we dont pay a man $2.5+ million a year to lose more than not. For as much as we did not like Chan, he did not have a losing season (that I remember).


OK, lets see how far this one goes.


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