Squeaky-foul Bouncy-hoops.

Tonight the Ramblin' Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech will attempt to outscore the Hurri-cons of Dade County, and there are many questions swirling around as tip-off approaches. Will we have yet another sluggish start? Will Glenn Rice Jr. be able to score more than 4 points outside of the final 4 minutes? Will Daniel Miller block so many shots that he reduces the Miami squad to tears (cry hard in the paint)?

More importantly, what direction is this program headed in?

A common saying when describing someone who knows a lot about a subject is to say that he has forgotten more than one can ever learn. I would say that about Gregory, but I doubt that he has forgotten anything. He is the perfect basketball coach for Georgia Tech, he is a basketball nerd.

“And B.G. always said, ‘No problem, you can ask me that.’ Then he took out his books and he ate me alive,” Grigsby said with a chuckle.

Those “books” were files on each player, at least six inches thick, Grigsby said, filled with every percentage, every tendency, every game and practice movement of the young man in question.

While this season so far has left many of us desiring nothing more than to drink an entire bottle of bourbon in one sitting, we should remember that we have a coach that paid attention in advanced basketball coaching 101 (Hewitt must have had the 'D stands for Degree' mentality). If we combine that with the ability to recruit top level talent at GT, a conference title and a tournament run doesn't seem too farfetched in a few years.

We're experiencing some growing pains right now. There are still a lot of things to be accomplished to make the next step. Our offense is ...(Mama always said if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all). Although it has been a long time since our players have had a coach that actually calls offensive plays.

But look at the positive steps we've already made! We play defense! We rebound! Daniel Miller has been allowed to begin to realize his potential! We beat UsicGA (to hell with 'em)!

I will continue to watch and go to games this season; not only in hopes of seeing a victory, but in hopes of seeing more development. And when next season rolls around, I will be in the stands of a sold out McCamish Pavilion, cheering for the players, the coaches and the Institute as I watch a good basketball team continue to develop into a team that we can all be proud of. Because I believe that Brian Gregory is a great coach, and that our basketball future is bright.

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