2011 Georgia Tech Predictions (weeks 3-6)

Hey Rumble Seat  Nation, After seeing the jackets play after 2 games, I really think they have something special in their game, rather than what we had last year...and jacket fans, be happy. And with that being said here are my week 3 and beyond predictions.

Week 3: Georgia Tech vs Kansas (Atlanta GA, 12:30 ET)

Last year, the Jayhawks ruined Georgia Tech's hopes at anything special, crushed their mojo, and killed the team's heart by upsetting the Jackets  in Kansas. Fans rushed the field, and stuck it in Techs' face.  This year...its going to be something completely different. Georgia Tech has a chip on their shoulders, and it aint no microchip. First off, the passing game from last year has improved so much, that it's really like watching a whole new team. I feel JR. Tevin Washington has really gotten comfortable with the offense and is a better passer than Nesbitt was. The O-line is fast, and can actually pass block this year! Go figure! Zenon, Smith, Jones, Sims, and Lyons really took control of the games against MTSU, and WCU. Kansas has struggled on defense against the run this year. I really beleive Kansas's offense is going to struggle against the tech D. Techs defense can hit this year. Julian Burnett is a stud and will have over 7 tackles in this one. Predction: Ga Tech 45-KU 14

Week 4: Georgia Tech vs UNC (Atlanta GA)

Last year Georgia Tech beat UNC in their own stadium, this year...It really doesnt seem like much will change. Just the location of the game. Yes UNC is fast on Defense but the tech offense is just scary. Tech threw very well last year against UNC and this year tech's passing game is even etter than last year. I think UNC will score points, but tech will score just a bit more. Prediction:  Ga Tech 38-UNC 24

Week 5: Georgia Tech @ NCSU

Last year was a bismal for Georgia Tech fans in this game. The "Whiteout" got wrecked by the NCSU players as they wore white uni's and killed Tech in their own stadium. For tech fans, big game. Not only does this put the jackets at 5-0, but it will also give them a 2-0 record in the acc. In the acc 2-0 is a great start because only God knows what stunt the ACC will try to pull of this year. Russell Wilson passed for over 300 yards in this game last year, and thats a problem...for other teams Wisconson plays. Wilson is no longer at NCSU and I think the Jackets will take advantage of that. I just think NCSU is fast, really fast, and well coached. If the Jackets turn the ball over, its a bye-bye perfect season hopes for them. But once again Washington is good. Really good...and I dont think he'll blow this one for the jackets. Ga Tech wins in a close one... 38-31

Week 6: Georgia Tech vs Maryland

Woah. Holy crap. This is a BIGGG ONE. (thats what she said). The Jackets have a chance at going 6-0? no wayyy.....WAY. The jackets have a huge game vs. Maryland in week 6 and I think the jackets should be ready for this one depending on the NCSU game. The jackets are home in this one, and I think it'll be a doooziieeee. A real barn-burner. Possibly an ESPN primetime game...who knows. Maryland looks good...really good. Expecially in those new duds they got from under armour..(not the ones they wore against Miami, the other new ones). The jackets will be coming out with fire under their each breath and I think CPJ will have the jackets ready in this one. But close, really close. Maryland is HUGEEE AND FASTTTTT. I really think this score could go both ways. It's a 51% yes, the jackets will win for me. But that other 49% has The Terps written all over it. Ga Tech 24-Maryland-21

FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the FTRS writing staff, and are spotlighted purely to create discussion.

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