Georgia Tech's (New and Improved?) Aerial Circus Attack

I've done a lot of reading about the work put in this summer by the offense in 7-on-7 passing drills, as well as this fall in camp (including scrimmages) and one thing looks pretty clear: Paul Johnson is tired of not passing well, and his players probably feel the same way.

It's been the public's indictment of our offense for the last few years that "LAWL yeewwww can't win if u don't pass har har har all runnin' and no throwin' makes y'all a buncha NERDS!" (At least, this is how I see the general thought process of the public working out.) But honestly, as moronic as that sounds, and for the number of times we've seen our offense absolutely dominate without throwing much, they do have a point in there.

Tech has done fairly well in Johnson's 3 years as head coach, going 9-4 with a Chik-Fil-A Bowl birth in 2008, 11-3 with an ACC Championship (don't you dare tell me any different, either) and Orange Bowl birth in 2009, and still holding it together to make a bowl game after losing 4 men to the NFL draft along with Josh Nesbitt's forearm (and subsequent service) to misfortune in 2010. However, even with a first-round receiver on the roster for 2 years, we've never been able to pass the ball efficiently in the offense for those times when running isn't quite as easy as it once was. Luckily, it's looking like Johnson is doing everything he can to change that now.

So this year's outlook is as follows, as I see it:

-Tevin Washington will prove to be a better passer than Josh Nesbitt, improving the passing side.

-Tevin Washington will get some excellent protection from THE GOON SQUAD, or at least excellent in the sense that he'll have more than a quarter of a second to throw. The O-Line has seemed to build a lot of chemistry and has "found a pass protection that works" (according to Jay Finch, IIRC), which should hopefully contribute to Tevin having time to throw.

-Stephen Hill seems to have gotten his act together, putting on muscle and working a bunch on his hands in the offseason.

-Also, Washington will have more options on the outside with the additions of Chris Jackson and Jeff Greene to the repertoire, along with anyone else who presents themselves as a worthy candidate.

Overall I'm thinking (hoping?) that we'll see an impact of the offseason work put in by these guys in our passing game this fall. Our offense is pretty good at the running game alone, but it will never reach full potential as a truly devastating offense without the ability to throw the ball effectively. Do I think we'll look like Texas Tech this fall? Well, no....but I DO think we'll look better than we have in the past few years.

What say you, Tech fans? Are we going to be able to throw better this year and be more effective offensively? Or are we going to be better off running the ball on 3rd and Long, as has been semi-true in years past?

FanPosts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the FTRS writing staff, and are spotlighted purely to create discussion.

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