Impact Players this Fall

So as a current student of Georgia Tech, it is near mandated that I enjoy video games in some capacity. One of the games that I've been playing more and more in the past month-ish is NCAA Football 2011. Now, part of that game is that each team gets 3 'impact players', which are usually just the highest rated players on the team, two on one side of the ball and one on the other (i.e. 2 offense, 1 defense). And that got me thinking....


Who do you see being Georgia Tech's "impact players" this fall? Who's going to make the biggest impact on our success (however much we have) this year? Who's going to make plays, be clutch, be reliable, capitalize on mistakes, and be our team's biggest asset? Same rules apply: you get to pick three, and there needs to be one on offense and one on defense (the third is up to you). (For reference, here is our Depth Chart coming out of Spring Practice.)





If you're asking me, I think Orwin Smith will be huge for our offense. Last year he was one of our most consistent playmakers, the guy who made few mistakes and even sometimes averages 73 yds/carry in a single game. On the defensive side of the ball, I think Jeremiah Attoachu will build on his contributions last year. He's looking like more and more of a stud every game (or at least he was last season).

After that, eh, it feels like an open door. We could see huge things from any of Tevin, Synjyn, or even Vad, we could have a ton of production from Preston Lyons, Charles Perkins, Embry Pepples, Roddy Jones, or BJ Bostic. Hell, maybe Stephen Hill will pull it together at wideout, or maybe Chris Jackson or even freshman a  will be a huge contributor. On defense, Jason Peters has a lot of talent at end, and Logan Walls and TJ Barnes have infinite potential in clogging up the middle. Burnett, Nealy, Sylvester all have a lot of potential at linebacker, and we may even see a ton out of Rod Sweeting, Ryan Ayers, Isaiah Johnson, Louis Young, or someone else in our new secondary. Long story short, lots of individuals are capable of stepping up, and I'm interested to see who.

In summary, my impact players are:

1) Orwin Smith

2) Jeremiah Attoachu

3) Either Tevin, Synjyn, Vad, Lyons, Perk, Embry, Roddy, BJ, Stephen, Chris, unnamed freshman, Peters, Barnes, Walls, Burnett, Nealy, Sylvester, Sweeting Ayers, Isaiah, Lou, or a player to be named later.

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