Georgia Tech Basketball: What to Expect Next Year

Some people may consider next season a transition year for us. We've hired a new head coach and have to play off campus because of the construction of Hank McCamish Pavillion. I beg to differ. If you look at our current roster and the new recruits that we are bringing in, then you'll notice that we are loaded with talent. The advantage of having a young team is that next year they will be better and more experienced. I'll go into the specifics after the jump.

The following list is a position review for the Yellow Jacket's roster.

1. Point Guard - Iman Shumpert, Mfon Udofia, Nick Foreman - Our point guard position is in great shape with Shumpert as the starter and Udofia backing him up. Shumpert is an outstanding defender and scorer, and he is also good at both rebounding and passing the ball for assist. Udofia provides a quality backup as the secondary ball handler and is continuing to improve.

2. Shooting Guard - Glen Rice Jr., Jason Morris - Last year, Rice suffered as his shooting percentage plummeted, but look for him to regain his form next year. He is an excellent defender and scorer when shooting well. He also is an aggressive rebounder and can pass the ball well too. Basically, he was second to Shumpert in almost every statistical category. Jason Morris played very well towards the end of his freshman season, taking over the 3rd starting Guard/Forward spot from Rice. Shumpert can also play shooting Guard.

3. Small Forward - Brian Oliver - It may seem that we are a little thin at this position, but that's not the case. Both Oliver and Morris can play the small forward slot. Oliver is a good outside shooter, but like Rice, he struggled last year. He missed the last 8 games of the regular season after breaking his left thumb. Also, I expect Oliver to improve his shooting stroke this off season for next year.

4. Power Forward - Kammeon Hosley - If there is one position that Tech needs help at, it's the power forward slot. We only have one true big man at the 4 spot in Hosley, but he is still thin. Hosley is an athletic power forward with great stamina, but he needs to develop his rebounding and scoring capabilities to solidify this spot for Tech.

5. Center - Daniel Miller, Nate Hicks - One of our most solid positions, center, is occupied by the shot-blocking machine known as Daniel Miller. His great defensive play reminds me of Tyler Zeller, center for the North Carolina Tar Heels. In order to become a powerful presence next season at the 5 spot for Tech, Miller needs to improve his rebounding and inside scoring game.

Recruiting - Julian Royal - PF - The main addition that the Yellow Jackets need is a great power forward who can rebound the ball and score in the paint. Luckily for us, the #63 overall ranked recruit from Alpharetta, GA strengths are each of these attributes. He is still a little thin at 6'8" 200 lbs., but he will continue to add strength and size to his frame by the start of next season.

Bobby Parks Jr. - SG - Bobby Parks is an energetic shooting guard who can shoot the ball well. He's a competitive player who plays at a high level of intensity.

If all of our current players return, then we will be in good shape next year. Brian Gregory's first year at the University of Dayton was one of his best. The talent is there, and I think that coach Gregory will have a great first year with Georgia Tech too. Feel free to comment about Georgia Tech basketball in 2011!

Update: Nod to RamblinRed for commenting about this. Brandon Reed - PG, SG - 6'3" 180 lbs. - I couldn't find much about this Arkansas State transfer, but he was the Sun Belt freshman of the year in the 2009-2010 season. Reed lead his team in points scored as well with 15.1 points per game. He sat out last year under NCAA transfer rules. Reed sounds like a great addition to our team!

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