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Here's your chance to be Coach Paul Johnson. The stage is set. Your team hasn't performed well for a while now, with the defense being hot and cold but the offense generally just getting colder and colder. Your special teams is looked at as a major weak point of the team. Your players are probably a little tired, they've played games in 8 straight weeks and had 4 weeks of practice before that, and recently you've tried giving them a bit of a break with slower practices. Morale among the fanbase is low, and people are losing confidence in your team more and more each week. Your next game is Homecoming, a night game against #7ish Clemson that is sold out and will be on national television....

So what would you do here? How do you inspire your players to a victory? How do you reignite that fanbase and get your team solid national exposure? Your options are endless, it's entirely up to you. Do you switch to Synjyn Days at QB? Do you switch to Preston Lyons or Charles Perkins at BB? Do you suspend Embry Peeples for the game because, well, hell, you just don't like him? Do you hold a secret meeting with your team captains on what the players want/need in practice to get them going? Do you dress up in a gorilla suit for practice? Do you hook up with DRad's wife? The floor is yours, what would you do?

(my response after the jump)

Personally, I like the idea of getting the captains in a secret meeting and trying to create some fire in the team from within. Energy in a team can a lot of times be best created by members of the group, especially the leading members. To sit down your seniors and ask them what's going on, how you can help, and how they can really be leaders for everyone else would create a solid impact IMO. A team that's energetic and excited about what they're doing will perform better than one that's bored and down on itself.

The other thing I would do is something to fix the QB situation. I can't tell you exactly what would be best, especially with Days possibly being counted out now. I saw an idea that sounded pretty interesting a couple weeks ago where you would take David Sims and put him back at QB, with Lyons/Perkins at BB. He used to play QB and runs a lot like Nesbitt (which likely explains CPJ trying to use him as a BB). Clearly defenses have been trying to key the dive and pitch and make the QB keep it because Washington is no great runner, but by putting another good runner on the field who still is somewhat of a threat passing, maybe that would help. Other than that, it's going to have to be inspiring Tevin, because his recent performance has been lackluster and a MAJOR hinderance. Fix that somehow and the team immediately looks significantly better.....but that's just my opinion. What's yours? 

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