Week 2: Preliminary Draft BlogPoll

Here is FTRS' draft blogpoll. It is up to you, the reader, to help us come up with our final blogpoll. Tell us what you agree and disagree with and try to sway our opinions. First our initial and individual ballots:


Rank Winfield Bird
1 Boise State Alabama
2 Alabama Boise State
3 Iowa Ohio State
4 Ohio State Iowa
5 Texas Virginia Tech
6 Florida Texas
7 TCU Oregon
8 Oregon TCU
9 Georgia Tech Florida
10 LSU Miami
11 Virginia Tech Georgia Tech
12 Penn State Penn State
13 Miami Oklahoma
14 Oklahoma Nebraska
15 Nebraska Wisconsin
16 Georgia LSU
18 LSU West Virginia
19 Wisconsin Utah
20 USC Arkansas
21 Arkansas Georgia
22 Houston Stanford
23 Auburn OKSU
24 UNC South Carolina
25 Utah UNC

Bird: We had 7 ties amongst Winfield and my composite ballot so discussion is gonna be huge for this Draft. I randomly just ranked the teams that were tied rather than logicizing who deserved to be ahead of the others. My quick thoughts: the SEC struggled this weekend, the ACC Coastal is probably the deepest division in college football (especially if UNC returns a majority of the suspensions), the Big East has almost no football legs to stand on, Auburn shouldn't be ranked, teams with close wins over good teams or close losses to good teams weren't hurt (UNC/VT), teams with close wins over bad teams were hurt (OU).

Winfield: The preseason poll is all based on input from us and the readers so take the changes from last week with a little grain of salt. Things will surely iron out more after Week 2 of the season. Yep, I have Boise State as number 1 in my ballot because they have the best win of the young season, and so therefore the best resume. Their next biggest game against a BCS-conference opponent is Oregon State, we'll see what happens then or wait until Alabama takes down a worthy opponent as well (not just in name). Alabama gets the #2 spot while Iowa gets my #3. Why not? They're solid and return just about everybody back from last year. Biggest "surprise" in my rankings is the Trojans from USC, I guess we'll rank them, but when you only beat Hawaii by 13 points, I'm going to lower you. Finally about us, yes I believe Georgia Tech is a top-10 team and I will continue to leave us there until we prove otherwise (we lose).

Check out our first draft after the jump...

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