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Georgia Tech

Georgia, Georgia Tech have a lot of work to do | Mr. College Football
Georgia Tech’s effort was really disappointing. Too many bad penalties. Too many missed tackles. You gotta get SOMETHING out of the passing game to make the rest of it work. Is it possible that Georgia Tech, the defending ACC champ, was overconfident going to Kansas? A team that lost four NFL draft choices was overconfident?

UNC clears Draughn for Tech game - Doug Roberson
North Carolina running back Shaun Draughn, one of the players suspended for the LSU game, has been cleared to return for Saturday's game against Georgia Tech.

Yellow Jackets turn focus to Tar Heels - Coley Harvey
In a way, it was the perfect parting shot to send the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets back to their Southern home and toward a potentially defining, page-turning moment.


Debacle against the Dukes | The Key Play

Weekend Update: Generalissimo Francisco Franco Edition " Tar Heel Fan
Our top story tonight, ACC football is still dead.

Another Year, Another ACCocalypse - Carolina March
t was a little less than a year ago that I spent an evening in a series of bars on a Saturday evening watching the ACC entirely melt down, losing three nonconference games and having UNC, and Miami both drop their conference openers to lower-ranked opponents. I didn't expect to see anything like it for sometime; the conference was stronger this season, and about to let college football know it. Which is how I found myself out again last night, in the same series of bars watching the ACC fail even worse.

ACC Disaster Weekend Overblown, Just A Product Of The Schedule - BC Interruption
OK, so the ACC didn't have the best of weekends in football. But the annual ACC football meltdown can be avoided with just a few, smart tweaks to the schedule.

Random ACC with notes of Sweetness

The best eats in the ACC -
More than a month ago, I asked fans throughout the ACC to come at me with some of their favorite places to eat, both around their favorite school and across the league. The response, needless to say, was overwhelming. I'd be here all day if I included every suggestion, but they were all looked at. For the most part, I tried to piece together seven options for every town in the league.

From Old Virginia: best loss ever
Yeah, OK. If you believe all those commercials that want you to GET PUMPED and then buy Gatorade or Under Armour or whatever, and if you do you too can NEVER QUIT and protect this house and never under any circumstances accept losing, then this post isn't for you.

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