Blogpoll Rough Draft: Week 2

Here is our Week 2 Rough Draft Blogpoll it's simplistic form:

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Southern Cal
4 Alabama
5 Penn State 1
6 California 1
7 LSU 2
8 Brigham Young 2
9 Mississippi 2
10 Oklahoma 2
11 Virginia Tech 3
12 Georgia Tech 1
13 Ohio State 2
14 Boise State
15 TCU 2
16 Miami (Florida)
17 Oklahoma State 12
18 Missouri 5
19 Cincinnati
20 Utah 1
21 Georgia 3
22 Nebraska 2
23 Houston
24 Clemson 4
25 Baylor
Last week's ballot


                                                    Dropped Out: Florida State (#22), North Carolina (#25).


Here is our blogger breakdown of ballots:


Specific Notes,

Winfield: Southern Cal should move up because of their quality road win against Ohio State. The Buckeyes are much stronger than the Wyoming Cowboys. Sorry Texas, you get jumped. Other jumps/drops of note are Oklahoma State dropping to 15, UGA drops even with their win and Ohio State moves up even with their loss (crazy!). Florida State played like absolute crap and gets kicked off the ballot. Big matchup against BYU next week! Houston played so impressive, they are welcome into the poll. I also finally followed Bird in jumping on the Missouri bandwagon somewhat. In retrospect, I should have dropped Alabama down, and it will probably happen by Wednesday and will probably move California up.

Good picks: Both Dane and Bird acknowledge Houston's impressiveness as well. Dane is giving Kansas credit which I think is just proof that no one knows what to do about the Big 12.

Bad picks: While I understand Dane keeping Navy in his ballot, ehh. I need to see more from the Middies for me to put any faith in them. Bird giving Michigan credit for beating Notre Dame is giving them too much credit. But then again, the bottom 10 is complete and total chaos anyways. I would expect to see it shift quite a bit again next week.

Dane: This is all still really stupid. Everyone on this poll needs to play another BCS team soon so we can at least start to make sense of where everyone should go.

I bumped Bama up. Why? I think their defense is amazing, and that other than UF, they are the team most outfitted to deal with any kind of scenario that could come up. Yeah, they started kind of slow last week, but it wasn't as ugly as Texas dealing with Wyoming. They trailed by 1 point for about two minutes in the game, but proved that they are more than willing to consistently score throughout the entire game. Really,  2-4 is just kind of a pick of the week thing. It's clear that UF is the team of the nation, and Bama, USC and Texas are the only teams with a remote shot of taking them down.

For such an exciting weekend, there isn't much else to say. Actually, I changed out Kansas for Houston before this post went up, but I guess I didn't do it in time. Houston gets the #24 nod (without changing the compiled ballot at all) and I AM STILL GIVING NAVY LOVE AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU CAN LEAVE.

uga is at 19 right now just because I don't want to seem like a hater. I'm going to make Clemson beat someone before I put them over uga, even though I'm pretty sure Clemson is a better team, and all I know about Nebraska, Cincinnati and Utah is that I didn't watch them lose to us last Thursday. As Winfield and I were discussing earlier - the bottom 10 is a total freaking mess.

Finally, **** YOU OKLAHOMA STATE. What am I supposed to do with you? Quit lying to me! I swear, I try and I try but you just continue to act out like this. You just sit there and think about what you've done.

Good picks from the other two: Bird for not completely caving to the Ole Miss pressure, although even he couldn't find enough worthy teams to keep them out of the top 10 like I suspect he was trying his hardest to do. I will nod in agreement with Winfield, as I think we both do a good job of not squatting on our home team and bump Clemson in a serious act of gross homerism. And while it doesn't look good for our SOS, great job to the others for recognizing UNC's deficiencies and lack of votability. Kudos to Bird for not being a slave to last week's poll and making OKSU earn it.

Bad Picks: Bird putting VT below us and trying to voodoo us out of sweeping the ACC. It's bad enough that we are playing everyone else at a higher ranking - there is no reason to put the biggest threat on our schedule below us and solidify a loss to them. Winfield said some shit last week about me putting Tennessee on my ballot and then goes and ranks UCLA and screams 'THE BALLOT IS MY PLACE TO EXPRESS MYSELF' and then breaks into modern dance.

Bird: I went with one simple system for my poll. If you lost to someone recently, they're most likely better than you. Houston smoked OKSU, OKSU smoked uga. Simple logic. I know that circular logic will start coming into play later when teams will have beaten teams that beat teams that beat them but for now I'm going with this strategy. Secondly, I'm not giving USC credit for beating Ohio State at the Horseshoe. It's hostile but I feel like the Big 10 is bad this year. Beating a bad conference leader doth not a #2 team make. I feel like Texas would stomp USC right now because of QB play.

Winfield/Dane's Epic Mistakes: Alabama is too high. They sucked against FAU. And I'm glad everyone's on the Cincinnati/Mizzou bandwagon after lampooning me last week. Cincinasty is gonna be a good team and tough in whichever BCS game they land.

All comments critiquing and criticizing this ballot are welcome.

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