Georgia Tech Football What-If Tournament 2008-1996

Thanks to some inspiration from a funny little website called, I came up with an interesting idea. What if we matched up GT teams of yore, who would win? The site only has data back to 1996 and it uses the statistics, records, and personnel to come up with simulated results and statistics of hypothetical matchups (e.g. Reggie Ball versus George Godsey). Here are the combatants by seeding:

1. 1998 Co-ACC Champions - Debatably O'Leary's best squad during his tenure. Led by Joe Hamilton on offense and Travares Tillman on defense.

2. 2006 Coastal Division Champions - Chan Gailey and Patrick Nix were unstoppable in 2006 with the exception of a crappy purple on purple experience in Clemson and three end of season losses by a combined 9 points. Led by Calvin Johnson, arguably greatest player in Tech history.

3. 2008 Co-Coastal Division Champions - Coach Paul Johnson's inagural year exceeded 99% of the Yellow Jacket faithfuls' expectations. Led by ACC POTY, Jon Dwyer.

4. 2000 - George Godsey's junior year. A lot of fans thought the team would drop off with the departure of Little Joe but Godsey kept on trucking including a victory over uga.

5. 1999 - Joe Hamilton's runner-up Heisman season. If not for a late season loss to Wake Forest, Hamilton would've been forever known as Joe Heisman.

6. 2001 - Godsey's senior year. 9-11 really kinda screwed up this season and set us back after we opened the season with three straight blow outs.

7. 2007 - Tashard Choice followed up his junior season performance (2006) another 1,000+ yard season. The opening victory over Notre Dame was incredibly sweet.

8. 1997 - Joe Hamilton's sophomore season was a learning year for the Jackets. 4 of the 5 losses were by a combined 14 points.

9. 2005 - Tech opened the season blasting Auburn but Reggie Ball caught viral meningitis and the season kinda went to Hell (it's weird to reflect on such freak occurrences affecting our seasons).

10. 2003 - Reggie's freshman year. A lot of good defense but a lot of bad offense. We ended Duke's forever standing ACC record of 30 straight ACC losses. Damn.

11. 2004 - Reggie's sophomore year was slightly more eventful with the addition of Calvin Johnson and the ridiculous Calvin Johnson game at Clemson. However, the season lacked a signature victory.

12. 2002 - A.J. Suggs.

13. 1996 - The only losing record throughout the entire span. Joe's freshman season and O'Leary's first full season at the helm.

Here's how the bracket looks with 1, 2, and 3 seeds receiving first round byes:


Results will be posted later on Sunday.
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