Industrial Touchdown Complex and Guarantees

I was looking at an interesting statistic this morning - Touchdowns per offensive play. What team in the ACC is a touchdown producing machine? Here's the ranking of the 12 ACC teams' percentage of O plays that go the distance:

12. UVA - 2.96%
11. Duke - 3.13%
10. VT - 3.38%
9. Wake Forest - 3.39%
8. BC - 3.92%
7. MD - 4.30%
6. NCSU - 4.43%
5. Clemson - 4.81%
4. GT - 5.00%
3. Miami - 5.11%
2. UNC - 5.45%
1. FSU - 5.66%

And in an even more interesting look, here's the breakdown of percentage of defensive and special teams plays that result in a defensive or return TD:

12. MD - 0.10%
11. UVA - 0.11%
10. NCSU - 0.31%
9. Clemson - 0.32%
6. GT - 0.33%
6. Wake - 0.33%
6. Miami - 0.33%
5. Duke - 0.35%
4. VT - 0.58%
3. UNC - 0.59%
2. FSU - 0.69%
1. BC - 0.83%

And finally, here's the breakdown of how often every ACC team scored per defensive/offensive/special teams play. PAT's and 2PT attempts are not factored in while FG's, safeties, and all TD's are:

12. MD - 1.96%
11. UVA - 2.47%
10. NCSU - 2.74%
9. Clemson - 2.82%
8. GT - 3.02%
7. Wake - 3.09%
6. Miami - 3.22%
5. Duke - 3.31%
4. VT - 3.47%
3. UNC - 3.61%
2. FSU - 3.66%
1. BC - 4.60%

So basically, because BC has such a good scoring D and special teams, they make up for having a below average offense. VT's offense needs to pick it up when their defense is kicking so much ass. Interesting numbers, in my opinion. Take what you want from them. I kind of think of them as a frustration factor. When you put up points, you're happy. Your team gets momentum. It deflates the other team. It affects the outcome of the game directly. Scoring quickly also affects the crowd.

Here are some guarantees that you can take to the bank:

5. The primary GT QB will not pass for 50% - Hasn't happened since Reggie's freshman year 5 seasons ago.
4. A GT rusher will rush for 1,000 yards - Has happened 4 of the last 6 seasons.
3. A Tech school will make the ACCCG - This has happened every year since the inception of the ACCCG. Both are preseason favorites in all the polls/magazines.
2. GT will make a bowl - The vast number of bowls guarantees GT at least a bowl birth at the end of the season continuing the 12 season post-season participation streak. At least 6 wins will come from our relatively favorable schedule.
1. Tech will win against GA in ATL - Tech is 21-16-1 following a win against Georgia. Tech is 12-8-1 in Atlanta following a W. Let's take hold of the momentum.

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